Sony's PlayStation 4 to support 4K video (but not games)

Posted by Shane McGlaun

Are you one of the very few who ran out and dropped a cool $20-$30,000 on a 4K resolution Ultra HD TV? Well, you may want to pick up the long-awaited PlayStation 4 when it finally launches.

Yes, Sony confirmed today that the PlayStation 4 will have the world's first 4K video service. Then again, I seriously doubt that supporting a nascent movie platform on the PlayStation 4 will spur purchases of 4K TVs, especially given the cost of current Ultra HD televisions

Frankly, I don't see the average consumer adopting ultra HD televisions until the prices are on par with current generation HD TVs or at least close. Another strange tidbit to go along with the announcement of the world's first 4K movie download service? The console isn't designed to run 4K video games.

For the uninitiated, 4K or Ultra HD resolution video doubles today's full HD 1080p resolution offering 3840 x 2160 pixels. However, the big problem, as I noted above, is that 4K televisions are incredibly expensive right now.

Yet another potential issue for those who actually do own 4K TVs? The file size for an Ultra HD movie. Yes, reports indicate that a single film is around 100 GB in size.

That is certainly not something you're going to want to download if you're on a web-based connection that is slow or metered. Considering that broadband in the United States just isn't that fast in many areas, some may require a half-day or more just to download a single Ultra HD resolution movie.