One Sleepy Hollow gets Orlando Jones, time-travel

Posted by CB Droege

Some interesting new details emerge about  Fox’s serialized adaptation of the classic horror story.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything substantial about either of the Sleepy Hollow adaptations that were announced to be in development for television at the end of last summer, but we finally have some news from one of them. Some actors have been cast, and some plot points have been clarified for the Fox adaptation, which is being exec. produced by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci (the team who created Fringe, also for Fox) and directed by Len Wiseman (who directed Underworld).

First, the actors cast for the show to date are Orlando Jones and Katia Winter. Winter you likely don’t wouldn’t recognize unless you watch Dexter, in which she played Nadia for nine episodes). She’s coming onto Sleepy Hollow as Nurse Crane, wife of Ichabod. Orlando Jones you’ll likely recognize from a long run on MADtv and the 2001 stoner comedy sci-fi Evolution alongside David Duchovny.  He’ll be taking the part of the out-of-town detective, Lt. Frank Williams, sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a string of strange murders. That’s where it goes against expectations, however. Jones is not playing Ichabod Crane.

From the original descriptions that Fox gave last year, it sounded like the show would feature a Detective Crane, who would be coming to town to solve some murders a la the Johnny Depp/Christina Ricci 1999 film. The version over at The CW sounded a lot like that as well. In the Fox version, however, the detective and Ichabod are two different characters.

It gets weirder, though: Ichabod Crane is an officer on the American side of the Revolutionary War, a captain of the 37th Regiment. His wife is a nurse with that same company. The two are mysteriously transported over 200 years forward in time to Sleepy Hollow in 2013, where Ichabod is then accused of murdering a local police officer, which is what prompts the detective from out-of-town to arrive. Now Ichabod and his wife must enlist the detective’s help to clear his name, and discover why he was time-traveled.

That all sounds very little like the Sleepy Hollow story I know. It’ll be interesting to see if they can pull off such a strange plot-line with a straight-face.

Niether Sleepy Hollow television show has an announced debut date. With casting beginning now, I expect Fox to try to pull off a mid-season premiere for theirs.