Steam lands ArmA 3 exclusive

Posted by Shane McGlaun

Bohemia Interactive's ArmA (2) FPS is typically associated with the incredibly popular DayZ  mod that brings zombie killing to the max.

Interestingly, Bohemia Interactive recently announced some new details about its upcoming ArmA 3 game, including an official launch window for the long-awaited title.

Indeed, Bohemia says that the game will launch this year as a Steam exclusive. Meaning, you will only be able to obtain ArmA 3 via digital download, which may be bad news for those without fast Internet connections.

According to project leader Joris-Jan van't Land, the game evolved into a Steam exclusive due to time constraints imposed by companty CEO Mark Spanel. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date for the launch, but it is probably safe to assume the latter half of 2013, and definitely before holuday season.

Land says that using the Steam platform means developers can create fewer distributed versions, while resources won't be wasted creating and testing patches and DLC for each iteration of the game.

"Delta-patching and more direct administration of our games without a middle-man. Had it not been for that, we would have been much more hesitant to make the decision," Land explained.

Another benefit for the Steam gamer? The platform automatically applies updates so users don't need to download gigabytes worth of data for new features or fixes.

"We honestly believe that we would not be able to deliver ArmA 3 in 2013 without this decision," Land added.