Bioshock Infinite trailer imprisons the child

Posted by CB Droege

Irrational Games has posted the second installment of the mock 70s info-reel to tease its new adventure game.

Bioshock Infinte takes place in the floating city of Columbia, in an alternate history world in which a group of fundamentalist nationalists broke away from the US to form their own society, literally in the clouds. Years later, this Utopia has crumbled under the weight of internal conflict as two groups, the loyalists who support Columbia’s government and the Vox Populi who feel the government itself has become anti-patriotic fight over the right to rule the great cloud city.

Irrational and their writers have done a lot of work developing the background for the story. I’ve been really enjoying the promotions for the game because of all the world-building they are exposing. They’re attempting (and succeeding, I think) to reveal the world of Bioshock Infinite without spoiling the story, so there is a lot of historical detail available absent of plot. As an alternate history buff, and a fan of great world-building, these promos have been as great for me as any good book or film, despite - so far - lack of plot.

Last month, we got to see this great fictional documentary which discusses some aspects of Columbia, and the mystery surrounding it:

At the time, I thought that would be all. It looked like a trailer or an opening sequence for a longer piece, but I never expected more of the fictional show to come out. It now has, however. This new video is part two of Truth from Legend- Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus. The short discusses the presence of a creature called Songbird, one seen in a lot of the promotional material for the game. A monstrous, victorianesque mechanical bird, we’ve been unsure as to what his exact role would be, beyond, perhaps a monster to fight, perhaps an ally. This video gives us a possible explanation, as well as some small details of what Elizabeth’s role in the city’s story might be.

One thing to take away from this promo, as far as the plot is concerned, is to note that Songbird will not be destroyed during the course of the game. These videos are made to look as though they are exploring the mysteries of Columbia from decades after the events occur, while the game takes place only in 1912, the year that the shadowy footage of the monster in the video was taken. The implication seems to be that that was not the last sighting of the creature.

The plot of the game itself will follow a surface man tasked with rescuing a young woman from the city, which is now embroiled in a decade-long conflict. Along the way, he’ll have to make difficult decisions about who to help, and who to kill, quite possibly altering the future of that world forever, as video game protagonists have a habit of doing. So far, we haven’t seen any indication of if/how the game ties into the lore of the previous Bioshock games. Perhaps we’ll have to play to find out.

The latest trailer for the game gives us a great look at the city itself from the protagonist’s point of view:

Bioshock Infinite will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows on March 26, 2013. You have to pre-order the game to receive the bonus items, which also includes a copy of Mind in Revolt if you pre-order on Amazon specifically. It is also available for pre-order over on Steam.