George RR Martin teases new HBO deal

Posted by CB Droege

The Game of Thrones author will be running a new show, but it won’t be based on any of his popular novels.

Since last week’s announcement that George R. R. Martin - author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the books that serve as the source material for HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones -would be taking on yet another show for HBO, speculation has run rampant as to what show it may be. Since then, however, he’s posted some clarifications on his personal blog in response to some fan questions. Though his comments are more about what he won’t be doing than what he will, it still offers us some shelter from the speculators.

One of the more popular assumptions has been that he would explore some other part of the Seven Kingdoms’ history, specifically a detailed prequel about Robert’s Rebellion, the short war that placed Robert Baratheon on the Iron Throne.

To that, Martin says, "To tell the truth, I have never understood why there is so much interest in this particular prequel. By the time I finish A Song of Ice And Fire, you will know everything there is to know about Robert's Rebellion. If I then went on to write a novel, a trilogy, or a screenplay about same, it would be a novel, trilogy, or screenplay utterly without surprise, so the reader would know everything that was going to happen. I'd just be connecting the dots. I don't see the point."

He’s less harsh about some of his other properties. Wild Cards is a TV show he says that he’s working on, but with a different Network (Syfy). Dunk and Egg (another aspect of the Seven Kingdoms) is similarly already in the pocket of another owner, though he doesn’t say who. He thinks Fever Dream would make a great film, but wouldn’t want to see it as a TV series. Sandkings was previously done for the Outer Limits, though they butchered it (in my opinion not his).

Finally, Martin replies to supposition that he might take on the writing duties for I, Claudius, a recently announced HBO readaptation of a 1976 serialized period drama originally from BBC Two.

"Heh, not likely," he says about the series. "And talk about a suicide mission. I mean, I'll watch, but how do you match one of the greatest TV series ever made? That's the television equivalent of remaking Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane. No, thanks.”

It looks like HBO isn’t having him do anything that we could anticipate. He’s shot down pretty much everything thown at him, leaving us wondering. We can only guess that it must be a project we’ve never heard of before now, something unannounced. I suppose, we’ll just have to wait to be told (not that that will stop anyone from continuing to speculate). Whatever it is, I hope that HBO is able to replicate the quality of Game of Thrones. We need more good television, and HBO seems best equipped to give it to us.