Zombieland series begins casting

Posted by CB Droege

In Zombieland, four city-named adventurers struggle to survive in a comical zombie-infested wasteland, learning through trails and danger how to live and love in the blasted landscape.

Originally intended to be a television situation comedy, the project was scrapped when network execs at CBS didn’t think that a television show about zombies could ever get enough viewers. It was seen as too niche an interest for television. The project, instead was made into a feature film, which proved popular with audiences and critics alike.

Now that AMC has shown that zombies most surely can pull a television audience, the project is back in development as a series, and moving right along toward the planned debut as Amazon Instant’s first original series. Two of the six principal cast members (the four from the film plus two new characters) have already been cast. Somewhat surprisingly, the roles of the young people in the story were cast first.

Tyler Ross will play Columbus, the teenager who finds himself teamed up with a veteran zombie-hunter, the part played in the film by Jesse Eisenberg. Izabela Vidovic will play Little Rock, the spunky, grew-up-to-fast little sister of the romantic lead, Witchita, a role played in the film by Abigail Breslin.

The series will both be picking up from where the film left off, and rewriting a bit of each character’s history. From the little information we have so far, it sounds like it will be a bit like a comedic Swiss Family Robinson with zombies. The four primary characters will come together as a sort of family amid the zombies, and have to deal with typical sitcom family drama, while also fighting brain-eaters. With the current zombie craze Americans seem to be going through now, it sounds like a sure recipe for viewership.

No release date has been yet announced for Zombieland, but I wouldn’t expect it until sometime in 2014, since casting only just began.