Elysium photos make a call

Posted by CB Droege

Sony Pictures has released a pair of photos showcasing Jodie Foster’s character in the sci-fi action film.

Sometime in the future, the class divide of the 1% grows so intense that the richest of the rich decide to build their own colony in space - the titular Elysium - where poor people are not allowed to live. The colony offers free health-care, and life is perfect for everyone, while back on earth, everyone else is being left to rot in their own filth.

The picture we already have from the production is of Matt Damon’s character, Max.

In 2159, years after the establishment of Elysium, Max suffers radiation poisoning at a work accident. His robotic masters tell him he will be dead in five-days, as there is no treatment available on Earth. Knowing that even something as deadly as radiation poisoning can be cured at the mere push of a button up on Elysium, he hatches a plan to steal the identity of an Elysium resident, so he can get into the colony and be saved. Once he has the identity, however, he finds that there is more to this particular Elysium citizen than he thought, and he becomes embroiled in a complex espionage plot.

The new photos released are in-canon shots of Jodie Foster’s character, showing off a conservative hairstyle, and a weird behind-the-ear headset.

Jodie Foster plays Secretary Rhodes, Elysium’s most staunch advocate of stricter immigration control. When she learns of Max’s mission to break into her utopia, she sends a bounty hunter to stop him. One would suppose that the box behind her ear is for keeping in touch with this bounty hunter, played by Sharlto Copley, though it seems odd that the Bluetooth headsets of 2159 have not gotten much smaller than the ones we have today. Or perhaps that’s her whole phone?

Here’s a picture of Copley’s character from last month, seemingly listening intently to something in his ear.

Elysium’s release date has been moved from March 1 out to August 9, 2013, to allow for more post production work, and to take better advantage of the blockbuster season. Hopefully, we’ll have the first actual trailer very soon, so we can get a better idea of just what the tone of the film will be.