Zombieland swarms to Amazon's streaming screen

Posted by CB Droege

The zombie serial has apparently found a home at Amazon.

One way television streaming services have been trying to make themselves more competitive is to create some original programming; shows that become exclusives to the service because that service actually produced the show. With Hulu and Netflix putting out original programming, it was only a matter of time before Amazon Instant got in on the game, and now we know where they’re going to start: with Zombieland.

We just discovered a couple days ago that a Zombieland television show was in development, and that it would essentially reboot the story presented in the film, which was originally intended to be a television serial anyhow. All those years ago, the show had been tied to CBS, but that connection had been severed, and we weren’t sure where the project would end up. I suspected the pilot was being produced independently, and that it would be shopped around on pilot week next year. Thus, I was surprised when Amazon announced, in response to the leaked script details, that Zombieland is in development for them, as their first real attempt at original programming.

Of course, we shouldn’t be too surprised that Amazon is creating their own content, after all, Amazon Studios has been in existence since 2010 with the express purpose of seeking out concepts for original shows. The surprise is that the programming really is original to Amazon. Hulu and Netflix have set forth a typical model for ‘original’ programming on a streaming network: Typically, they take on shows which have been cancelled by traditional networks, pilots which failed to find a home during pilot week, or shows which are broadcast in other countries, but have yet to find a US distributor. So while Zombieland won’t be the first show to begin development at a streaming service, it’s a bit surprising that Amazon has chosen to go that way with its first attempt. Though, I guess, if you count the failed CBS development back in 2009, it fits the model perfectly.

Over the last two years, Amazon Studios has been accepting script submissions from the public in an attempt to find some original programming that way, but to date, none of those submissions has reached production.

So far, all we know about the Zombieland serial is that it will feature the original four characters (the ones from the film) plus two additional. The show is also slated to run 30-minutes per episode.

No release date has been yet announced for Zombieland, but I wouldn’t expect it until sometime in 2014, since casting only just began.