Claim: PlayStation 4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox 720

Posted by Shane McGlaun

There's nothing in the world that enflames hard-core fans more than claims that their beloved next-generation console isn't as powerful as the competition.

If you're a fan of Microsoft looking forward to the next generation Xbox, this rumor may upset you. Yes, there are those who claim the Sony PlayStation 4 is 50% more powerful the next-generation Xbox or Xbox 720 - depending on what you want to call the unannounced console.

The latest rumor was started by VG24/7, which cited developer sources who claim the next-generation PlayStation offers 1.84 Tflop of performance compared to the Xbox 720, which is allegedly only capable of 1.23 Tflop. While simply looking at the numbers may not seem like such a big difference, the Xbox 720 number is officially 50% worse than what the PlayStation 4 is able to muster.

As with any rumor, were taking this with a big grain of salt. The developer sources also claimed the Xbox 720 will feature 8 GB of RAM while the PlayStation 4 is only loaded with 4 GB. After required software is running on the consoles, the sources claim the Xbox will still have anywhere between 4 and 5 GB of memory left while the PS4 will have to make do with 3 GB.

The sources also claim that both consoles will be compatible with 100 GB Blu-ray discs. However, it is still unclear if the next-generation Xbox will allow you to play movies on Blu-ray disc. Some have speculated that Microsoft might not allow Blu-ray playback for movies on the next-generation console, but this is far from certain.