The Walking Dead gets a new boss

Posted by CB Droege

After the mid-season finale, it was announced that there would be some changes to the leadership over on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The current season was already in the can, and the network put in an order for another full season after it finished airing, but show runner Glenn Mazzara would not be welcomed back.

As you may recall, Mazzara came in as showrunner after the departure of the original showrunner, Frank Darabont. AMC has not commented on why Mazzara was let go from the team, but some industry insiders had harsh words for AMC at the time. Personally, I think the show was better under Darabont. The drama was less stilted, felt less forced, though that could have been the result of the story becoming increasingly non-verisimilar as time goes on - which is true in the source material as well.

The search for new leadership has now concluded, and AMC has announced that Scott Gimple will lead the show into its fourth season. Gimple has been the supervising producer on the show for its run so far, and will simply be moving into the role of exec producer. It’s positive that AMC has decided to move in someone who has already been on the roster and behind the scenes of the show already. No word yet if he’ll be continuing his supervising producer duties as well.

Gimple has previously only run a couple of television shows, both failures, but he wrote five of the 18 episodes of the current season of The Walking Dead, so it seems he has a feel for the series. Most viewers likely won’t notice the change.

In addition to that announcement, we’ve got a new promo for the upcoming mid-season premiere of the show. In the second half of season 3, tensions escalate between the town of Woodbury and the prison colony. A battle is on the horizon as brothers are forced into confrontation with one another, and old friends are seen among the enemy battle lines.

The Walking Dead returns with the second half of season 3, starting with episode 9, on February 10, 2013 on AMC.