Spartacus recap goes on a journey

Posted by CB Droege

Starz has released Spartacus: The Legend Retold, which recaps the series so-far leading into the final mini-series.

After only two seasons – if you don’t count the prequel season, Spartacus, one of the bloodiest shows on television is coming to a close, after failing to be renewed into a fourth season, the producers have decided to give fans closure with a ten episode mini-series they’re calling Spartacus: War of the Damned.

To get viewers up to speed with where the show is now, we’ve got this nearly ten minute special recap video, Spartacus: The Legend Retold. It’s not just a collection of clips, however. It’s a narrated featurette with details not only about where the plot of the show has left off, but also a record of the production history, with interviews from principal cast and crew describing the reasoning behind some of the plot and characterization decisions.

Note that both videos below are not suitable for all audiences and viewing locations.


It’s interesting to hearthe showrunners admit that they got carried away in the first few episodes, letting themselves get taken out of control with the idea of zero censorship. Also, hearing some of the other thoughts behind the direction of various aspects of the show, I realize that a lot more thought goes into it than I ever realized. It’s always seemed mostly an excuse for blood to me, but perhaps, if watched carefully, even the use of such drastic and copious violence is not as gratuitous as it seems.

The synopsis of the upcoming season is thus:

War of the Damned takes place following the defeat of Roman commander Gaius Claudius Glaber. Spartacus and his men have amassed major victories against the Romans after the Battle of Vesuvius. These victories have not only forged the legend of Spartacus, but have greatly increased the ranks of the rebellion slaves to more than 30,000. Rome is indeed beginning to tremble at the threat Spartacus now represents.

Of course, the conclusion is likely to significantly compress the scale of the actual rebellion recorded in the history books, which waged back and forth for nearly a generation, as each new Roman Senate tried in vain to recapture/reenslave Spartacus’s army.

Spartacus: War of the Damned kicks off in January 25, 2013 at 9pm on Starz.