The Justice League film coalesces

Posted by CB Droege

Reports are circulating about what the heroes in the Justice League may be like.

Speculation about the future of DC comics films over at Warner Bros. have been rampant for some time. Everyone knows what Warner Bros. should do: model the future of DC films after the current line of content arriving from Marvel Studios under Disney, a stable of franchises that all work together in a common canon universe.

It seemed like the Nolan version of Batman would be the ideal place to start: Take that world and start throwing Superman and Green Lantern stories into it, but when the new Green Lantern film arrived, there was no connection. It was subsequently confirmed that the new Superman film also lacked a connection to both films. 

Now, fans are looking to the upcoming Justice League film to be the start of a connected film universe, and it seems like they are on the right path. The studio has hired a franchise coordinator to oversee all DC productions, and make sure that they at least have a common voice, and while early reports were that the Justice League film would sit entirely disconnected, it now seems likely that the new DC film universe might begin with Man of Steel and retroactively include the recent Green Lantern.

The rumors trace back to comics blog, Cosmic Book News, who attribute the information only to “Our DC Entertainment source,” so treat all this as unconfirmed for now.

If their source is to be believed, the new film will feature both Superman and Green Lantern, who will be the same characters continued over from their recent/upcoming films, with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder consulting on Superman's writing, and Green Lantern being rewritten as a bit more seriously minded. No word if Henry Cavill or Ryan Reynolds will be asked to reprise the roles, but it would be tough to do without them.

Also: The Batman of the film will be the Batman from the new reboot, which hits theaters in 2016 and won't be connected to the Nolan version, though Nolan has been consulting on the Man of Steel set, so some of his vision is likely to make it in. This Batman won’t be another origin story, however. Thankfully, they’ll be presenting a Batman who already has an established career as a vigilante, and sees these super-powered newcomers as a nuisance, at least initially.

The rest of the League will be Flash, the hero that the public loves; Aquaman, who will not be completely useless; Martian Manhunter, who has been living in secret among humans for a long time before the events of the film; and Wonder Woman, who is only just emerged from her Island training.

From those descriptions, it sounds like they’ll be making Wonder Woman into the point-of-view character for the film, since she’ll be the more ‘rookie’ member of the squad, and this film would essentially be her origin story. That sounds great to me. I think it would be much more interesting than getting Batman or Superman as the primary protagonist.

The film’s villains will not be Darksiders, as previously rumored, but Darkside’s Elite will be in the film somewhere. No other word on the villains.

Personally, I’d still prefer to see the film connected to the Dark Knight Trilogy, even if it means that Bruce Wayne doesn’t get to be Batman anymore. I could live with Joseph Gordon-Levitt reprising his role from the Nolan films, and taking the mantle of Batman. I’m pretty confident that Warner Bros. is nowhere near brave enough to try this, however.

The studio has not made comment on any of this of course, and they likely wont do until after the release of Man of Steel this summer. They’ll want to see how that film does, and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, and Kevin Costner. The film remains on track to hit theaters June 13, 2013. None of the other announced films have any dates or names associated with them yet.