Doctor Who trailer seeks the girl

Posted by CB Droege

The BBC has released a trailer for the second half of the current season. Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the holiday special yet.

There are eight episodes left in season seven of the Doctor Who relaunch, and for my part, they are the most anticipated episodes in years. The holiday episode has returned the mystery to the show, giving us a Doctor who is more adventurous, and who actually has a clear goal again. Clara. The girl is as mysterious as promised, something I was skeptical about before I saw it for myself.

We all wondered what the connection might be between Clara and Oswin - if it was more than just a zealous use of the actress in two roles. Now that we know Clara is some kind of temporal oddity - an oddity that the Doctor must investigate – she’s much more interesting. Only disappointing is that the version of Clara we get to keep seems to be from our own time. I was sort-of looking forward to the Victorian girl who needs even simple things like phones and televisions explained to her, but I suppose this temporal mystery is a good trade off. In fact, I rather think we come out on top in the deal.

This trailer offers us a glimpse of where the investigation will take the Doctor, and we see that Clara, modern Clara, gets to go with him on a number of these adventures, though it seems we’ll have at least one episode of the Doctor alone.

It seems that modern Clara will be the primary, but it’ll be interesting if they also find further iterations of the girl in other parts of history. Is there a Clara from the English Civil War, is there one from Arthurian times? What about an end-of-the-universe Clara? Mesopotamian Clara? This plot device is a potential gold-mine of interesting situations, and a great way for Jenna-Louise Coleman to show off her ability to differentiate characters. Now that the possibility is exposed, I’ll be disappointed if it’s not explored.

Perhaps he finds her many times, and every time she dies during whatever adventure they find themselves in, like all of her incarnations are fated to be killed by the Doctor’s carelessness. Unlikely that they’d want to do something that painful to our protagonist, however compelling a piece of world-building that might be.

What else do we have to look forward to this season? Several new monsters with high production value visual effect, a few famous guest stars, and the return of the Cybermen in an episode written by award-winning author Neil Gaiman, who also penned last season’s The Doctor’s Wife.

The second half of season seven of Doctor who Will begin in April 2013, while filming of the 50th Anniversary special is slated to kick off in the spring so it can air after the end of the season.