Minecraft is headed to the Raspberry Pi!

Posted by Shane McGlaun

If  you're a fan of the popular video game Minecraft and just happen to have a little Pi developer board sitting around, well, you'll be particularly glad to hear the title will soon be available to install and play on your uber-mini Raspberry.

So, if you are using the dev board as some sort of custom HTPC, the availability of this popular retro-style video game is good news indeed.

Interestingly, Mojang developers are working on porting version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition to the Raspberry Pi. Meaning, this in official initiative, rather than something put together by hackers that may or may not work correctly.

The game will be called Minecraft: Pi Edition and is slated to be offered as a completely free download. If you think about it , a Pi-specific version of Minecraft could make the little developer board a dirt cheap method of getting into game development and coding mods.

Remember, Minecraft: Pi Edition is more than just a game. Once you get used to playing the title, you can dig into the code, build your own mods and actually learn something useful.

The Raspberry Pi sells for about $35 and can be used to power all sorts of DIY devices. Unfortunately, it's unclear exactly when Minecraft: Pi will be available for download, but we hope to see it go live in the near future.