Report: Wii U consoles bricked after failed launch day update

Posted by Shane McGlaun

A number of Nintendo Wii U owners are reporting some serious issues with their new consoles related to  a 5GB launch day update.  

Unsurprisingly, some impatient gamers attempted to abort or skip the 5 GB download, resulting in consoles that appeared bricked, effectively rendering them useless.



Indeed, one LA Times journalist confirmed there was no notice or warning against turning off the system during the installation, nor was there a cancellation option for the update (he apparently unplugged the console while downloading the file).

Additional Nintendo Wii U owners are reporting consoles being bricked due to power or Internet loss during the upgrade process. Although Nintendo has not officially responded to reports about bricked consoles, the company did issue a comment on the large file and lengthy update process.

"The length of time it takes to perform a system update varies depending on the speed of the Internet connection used. Please be patient," the Japanese-based gaming company explained. 

"Due to the amount of new features and applications included, the system update may take an extended amount of time when performed during the initial setup (for some users it could take an hour or more to download and install). Do not power off your system during this time."

While some users are fighting bricked consoles, Nintendo has also confirmed an outage for one of the services on the new console called Miiverse.

"So many Miis have jumped on Miiverse that some may be having problems connecting to the service. We are in the engine room getting it fixed! "

The Wii U - Nintendo's eighth-gen video game console - supports high-definition graphics at 1080p. Additional specs? An AMD GPU, and IBM power architecture multi-core processor, 2 GB of memory (with half dedicated to the console's operating system) and 8GB or 32GB of Flash storage.

Controllers include the Wii U GamePad, Pro Controller, Remote Plus, Nunchuk and Balance Board.