Chinese World of Warcraft gamer lives for two months in an Internet café

Posted by Shane McGlaun

A Chinese man identified only as Wang has reportedly been living in an Internet café in Wuchang, Hubei Province, China for the last two months. When people concerned about how long the man spent playing video games asked what he was doing, he replied, "I'm training for gold."

Yes, the 23-year-old man has been living, eating, and sleeping in the Internet café for the pas 8 weeks.

Wang's story first appeared on message boards within China and was later verified by Chinese Internet news portal called Tencent. The gamer has reportedly been using machine number 76 for over two months and owners of the café say that he sleeps, eats, and lives completely within the café.

Reports also indicate that over the last two months he hasn't bathed or changed his clothes. As you might expect after two months with no shower and no change of clothes, Wang is rather ripe. Reports indicate that the man smells so bad other people won't come around him. The Internet café and some employees have tried to get the man to take a break from "training" but Wang refuses.

The Internet café owner says that he has paid his fees, and they can't ask him to leave or force him to leave the café. Tencent says that the man isn't training for online gaming glory, rather he's gold farming. Wang is apparently collecting gold and equipment for players of online video games and selling them for real-world money.

Some - understandably - fear for Wang's health. Back in 2005 a Chinese teen committed suicide after allegedly becoming addicted to the video game World of Warcraft. Earlier this summer, a teenager in Taiwan died after playing Diablo III for 40 hours in a row.