Diablo III player claims $10,000 in real money auction house sales

  • Most of us know the sale of in-game virtual goods can help players make some decent money in the real world. But $10,000?!

    Then again, with all the complaints circulating about Diablo III's real money auction house, I'm not really surprised it took this long for a gamer to brag about making the big bucks.

    That's right - "WishboneTheDog" has posted "evidence" on Reddit to back up the claim that he managed to rake in a sweet $10,000 just by selling virtual goods on Diablo III.

    The proof? Screenshots from a Diablo III auction house account and personal PayPal account. Of course, it's worth noting that the auction house image in no way shows a balance of $10,000 or more.

    Rather, the screenshot is a virtual snapshot of multiple transactions that took place over a few days. Still, if "WishboneTheDog" wanted to prove he really made that much money, why didn't he take a screenshot when the balance was over $10,000?

    On the other hand, the geek could simply be transferring the money out as soon as it goes live. However, the PayPal account does show a balance of over $10,000.

    Again, this PayPal image only shows a few days worth of transactions - which don't appear to total $10,000. Who's to say he didn't sell a car on eBay for a big chunk of that money? Now I'm not saying the claim isn't true, I'm just noting the above-mentioned screeshots aren't exactly iron-clad proof that $10,000 was generated solely by Diablo III's in-game auction house.