Van Helsing game trailer goes live

  • A new teaser trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has gone live on YouTube.

    Developed by Neocore, the action title is a real-time role-playing game loosely based on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel.

    The setting for the game? 19th century Europe - complete with monsters, magic, and old school looking steam punk style technology.

    The player assumes the role of Van Helsing's son, as the two travel to a and known as Borgovia to defeat a new enemy terrorizing the Eastern European city. The developer promises the game will have "wry humor and snappy dialogue." Personally, though, I think I'd rather have quality game play and graphics - rather than snappy dialogue.

    The video doesn't show much other than a vampire, presumably Dracula, zipping around a creepy castle environment as a highly animated Van Helsing walks forward to fight. I'll admit that the only thing I know about Van Helsing is the movie with Hugh Jackman as the lead. That said, I wasn't particularly enamored with the teaser visuals, as it looked too much like Kingdom Hearts-style animation to me. The hero is rather scrawny, the sword is too large, and the game - thus far - just gives me an overall feeling of "meh."

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