The Diablo III hacking mystery

Posted by Shane McGlaun

The launch of the long-delayed and much-anticipated Diablo III has been plagued by various issues in recent days.

To be sure, Blizzard experienced significant problems with its servers right out of the gate that left many gamers unable to log in. To make matters worse, a number of users who managed to access the server found they were unable to complete the character creation and move on to game play.

Blizzard blamed the above-mentioned issues on overwhelmed servers due to  massive launch traffic.

Although the server issues have been addressed (at least for now), a number of users claim their accounts are being hacked, with gold and other items supposedly spirited away into the cyber ether.

So far, Blizzard has made no official statement on the alleged hacks. I say "alleged," simply because other gamers insist the victims are at fault for not using secure passwords and possibly falling for phishing scams.

One user going by the name Oni on the Diablo III forums wrote: "Someone accessed my account and cleaned out the Gold in my bank this morning. Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. This Online Only Single Player game is FANTASTIC."

The replies range from "I'm sorry," to "you should've had an authenticator." Then again, it's somewhat difficult to believe all the "I've been hacked" reports originate from people without authenticators and easy to crack passwords. As such, some are blaming Blizzard, claiming that the servers have been compromised, which I'm somewhat skeptical about. Think about it: If Blizzard's servers were really breached, wouldn't instances of hacking be more widespread?

One victim of alleged hack going by the name Funchum claims to have screenshots of the hacker in action. Funchum wrote:

I got hacked like an hour ago. I sent my ticket already, and changed my password, everything.

Then i noticed in my account, i noticed someone i dont know or never added in my friend list, so i got suspicious about that guy and checked out his game. and here below are the screenshots with actual hacking happening to a lv 52 witch doctor. The name of the hacker is shown in the screenshot.

Please blizzard staff, im sure this is more than enough evidence for you to help us recover all our hacked items back so we can continue to enjoy playing Diablo 3. Please do it fast, he's continuing to hack others as we speak.

*i never played public games. and all those in my friends list are my irl friends. (except the hacker himself)

in screenshots are me,
Benzonia#1442 (according to his profile, played over 18hours with alot of chars but max level 2 and killed only diablo in normal mode, but no other bosses)

So what you think is going on, are Diablo III accounts being hacked willy-nilly? Or, are the people complaining about being hacked simply not taking the proper precautions for password protection?