Facebook to launch Timeline for brands

Posted by Shane McGlaun

When Facebook rolled out Timeline to its users around the world, some embraced the change, but many complained.

I'm definitely among those that don't like Timeline, because I don't appreciate the way it makes profiles difficult to follow, and I don't like that it seems to hide things that people want to see such as photos. While few consumer Facebook users want Timeline, it may work out better for corporate brands.

Facebook is set to launch Timeline profile pages for brands this month according to Ad Age sources.

Presumably, brands will have the choice to opt into the system. Consumers so far have had the option to use Timeline or stick with the old profile, but that option is going away with everyone being moved to Timeline eventually. Timeline for general users and Timeline for brands won't be identical, but they are said to look and feel very similar to each other.

When brand Timeline pages begin to roll out they will start in beta with a handful of partners and later roll out to all brands and marketers interested. Facebook has offered no official comment on who the beta partners will be or when the beta rollout actually begins. Timeline for brands will see the tabs and apps that brand marketers currently use for things such as polls and selling products turned into boxes on the brand Timeline.

One big difference for brand Timeline pages? The ability for the Timeline to go back to the founding of the product or company rather than just when it joined Facebook. For example, a Timeline entry could be made for events back in different decades or centuries for companies such as Coca-Cola which have been around for many decades.