Pepper-spraying cop made into shameful Internet meme

Posted by David Gomez

Remember the portly cop who brought shame onto his profession by pepper-spraying peaceful Occupy UC Davis protesters?

Well, the Internet never forgets and it’s found a way to make sure Lt. John Pike never lives it down.
TG Daily
first highlighted Lt. John Pike three days ago when we ran a piece about the viral videos shot at  various Occupy protests.
Pike used a huge can of pepper spray to blast non-violent demonstrators from a distance of about a foot away. Some people, like Michael Moore are even calling it a Tiananmen Square type moment.

In any event, people are using their spare time to make sure the stunning incident lives on forever as a shameful Internet meme. Thanks to image editing software, an enraged public can have a good laugh at the expense of someone they feel who deserves it.
Over the weekend, Pike began appearing in famous works of art and pepper-spraying the characters in them. The meme became extremely popular and there is now a Tumblr account that shows the over-aggressive cop harassing people through important moments in history.
The Tumblr gallery is titled "Pepper Spraying Cop" and it’s an example of how crowd sourced protest memes are the new way for people to share their displeasure for important world events. If the mainstream media doesn’t shame you enough, the Internet crowd will make sure to put you in your place, digitally.
Pike is now on indefinite leave from the police force, and it is not known if he is going to be able to come back.

Judging by all of the comments on the Tumblr page, there will be some very upset people if the UC Davis leadership allows Pike to reclaim his spot in the sullied department.