Viewers physically more focused when watching Blu-ray 3D

  • A new study looked at bodily activity while viewers watched Blu-ray 3D movie. And the results are pretty interesting. The study actually compared how people physically react when watching a Blu-ray 3D film as compared to a regular Blu-ray movie. It found that people were 12% more attentive during the 3D experience.

    The study was based on different factors, including EEG measurements of brain activity, a heart rate monitor, and electrodes placed on the skin to measure sweat and other stress indicators.

    The main result shouldn't really surprise anyone. After all, 3D content is a more immersive experience, and enables viewers to feel closer to the action.

    Mindlab offered a more scientific rationale as well, noting that "the sharper contrast of the Blu-ray formats allows the brain to process more of what is being seen as less effort is needed to focus on certain objects."

    The study also compared regular Blu-ray movies to standard definition DVD films, and found viewers were 29% more attentive when watching the HD version.

    Titles viewed in the study included Clash of the Titans, Despicable Me, and Step Up 3/Step Up 3D. Viewers watched the content on a Sony 3D TV using active shutter glasses.

    The study was commissioned by the Blu-ray Disc Association and performed by research firm Mindlab International.

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