Third-party company makes PS3 mobile

  • Move aside, PS3-PSP Remote Play. Japanese company Hori is set to release a portable HD screen that will literally take the system on the go by connecting directly to a PS3 slim model.

    Gaming blog Kotaku came across the LCD Monitor HD 3 from Hori, which has a 1366x768 resolution and built-in speakers.

    The display is 11.6 inches and comes with a base that is designed to fit around the curvature of the PS3 slim unit. When it's not in use, the screen can fold down over the PS3 system to make it easily portable. Even though it makes the system "mobile," it does seem to require AC power. It is set for a Japanese launch in May 27, for around $264. It supports NTSC output (the standard used in Japan and the US) as well as PAL (Europe's video format). Hori does have distribution outlets in the US, but there is no mention of whether or not this product has any stateside plans.

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