Will the tattoos of the future be nano-screens on our skin?

Tattoo-like-skin; turns your body into a digital screen.

Terrified Grandma is Not Impressed by Self-Driving Cars

This grandmother’s panic inside a self-driving car is breaking the internet.

Here’s What Twitter Pays CEO Jack Dorsey and It’s Not His Salary! 

The micro-blogging site spends the money on his security. 

Facebook to Add News Section To its Mobile App

Facebook may soon add news section, a move that would encourage users to not surf twitter, google etc for the same.

Oculus Reacts to Questions Raised on Invasion of Privacy

Consumers shouldn’t be concerned about an invasion of their privacy when using the Oculus Rift, says Oculus.

Sony’s PlayStation Plans to Discontinue It’s MVP Program

PlayStation’s Most Valuable Player program will end on 18 April.