Researchers shocked that mealworms can eat Styrofoam

Mealworms could help us clear up the enviorenment, although the critters are not keen on polymers

Batman vs Superman, bed scenes?

Fans speculate about the "sensuality" in the PG-13 rating.

The shiny mountains of Ceres, still a mystery

Scientists are asking the public for ideas.

iFixit got kicked out of the Appstore

After tearing down the Apple TV, iFixit's developer account was banned

NVIDIA Gets Serious With Shield And GeForce Now

Today NVIDIA ramped up their battle to own the performance lead in the set top box market by launching GeForce Now an update to their shield PC gaming service for their uniquely powerful Shield set top box.

iPhone 7 rumors

Chinese bloggers say that the iPhone 7 prototype is waterproof and has a new case.