Shockingly Poor Results For Indian Cars in Global Crash Test

Lack of airbags and poor structure leading to collapse on impact led to the poor results for all the cars.

Tim Cook Wants to Boost App Development in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook began his visit to India by making a trip to Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple.

Flipkart Biggest Investor Tiger Global Cuts Stake in Amazon by 67%

Amazon India and Flipkart are currently locked in a battle for market leadership in the Indian e-commerce sector.

After Mileage Scam Mitsubishi Motors President to Step Down

Company CEO Osamu Masuko will step in as interim president.

Dell’s 43” Wonder: Are 43” Monitors Too Big? Hell No!

The size of monitors like the speed of processors keeps going up. I remember when we were there was a serious argument that the Intel 486 provided more performance than anyone needed in a PC even and that 17” was simply too big a monitor for the desktop. The processor in your phone is massively faster than that old 486 and the market largely moved to 24” monitors some time ago. This came to mind when I was briefed on the amazing new 43” Ultra HD 4K Multi-Client monitor from Dell which, I have to admit, I have lust in my heart for. (Hey it's an election year). Let’s talk about monitors where...

Marvel Chickened out of a Female Villain in Iron Man 3 because of Toy Sales

Iron Man 3’s Director has spoken out saying that importance of roles with female characters were reduced.