Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Will Unleash Chatbots on Users in 2016

CEO Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook’s annual software conference Tuesday to describe its latest initiatives.

All You Need to Know About Vivaldi, the Google Chrome Rival 

This web browser hopes to match or even better the features and popularity of Google Chrome.

SpaceX’s Dragon Arrives at ISS With Inflatable Space Habitat

The spacecraft will bring back set of tools during its return for further study.

Google Makes a ‘Self-Driving Bicycle’ to Mess With Amsterdam

The self-driving bicycle was only on sale for one day ...

Hackers Helped FBI Crack San Bernardino iPhone

Professional hackers discovered at least one software flaw that helped the FBI break into an iPhone.

Robots Are Coming! Chill, It’s Only to Deliver the Post in Germany

Germany's Deutsche Post is testing robots that could help postal workers cope with the issue of bigger packages.