DC Fan Wants Rotten Tomatoes Closed Because of Bad Critics

The Change.org petition started against negative reviews of the film Suicide Squad has over 13,000 signatures so far.

How Technology is molding and disrupting the travel industry

Technology has changed how we live altogether but did you know it has also made travelling more frequent in our world than ever before?

Which Hoverboard Should You Buy?

Some of you might already be busy on the Comments section, explaining how none of the products available on the market are actually hoverboards. I completely agree with you. None of them hovers and they don’t really meet our imagination of how a Back to the Future-inspired hoverboard should look like and function. That said, these gadgets are still called hoverboards because they allow us to glide across the road (or any surface) in a cool way. Speaking about hoverboards, there are several options to choose from today. Which hoverboard should you go with? We have just the tips that will help...

Japanese Olympic Star Uchimura Pays a High Price for Hunting Pokemon

Another Pokemon ‘victim’!

5 Ways To Make An Extra Buck Online

If you are not born rich or married rich then you have to earn your money.

First Glimpse Oppo F1S: S as in Selfie

Would you be happy to spend $270 on a phone that’s really just a glorified selfie camera?