Industry heavyweights & startups converge at the TM Forum in Dublin

Walking into a mobile trade show, you’re immediately hit with company names you recognize from everyday tech life. 

Trends & predictions for SXSW 2012

Heading to the airport in a pick-up truck with the windows down, blasting country music, I thought about the week I spent in Austin, Texas. What was this year’s SXSW all about and what’s in store for next year?

Location-based apps take center stage at SXSW

SXSW is a show defined by minds and ideas, rather than the announcement of new consumer electronics.

Detroit’s RoboCop love won’t die

There are some causes that people believe in so much that they’ll organize their efforts to achieve a common goal. For citizens in the city of Detroit that goal is a statue of their cyborg hero, RoboCop.

ASUS predicts the need for five billion cheap PCs by 2011

Taipei (TW) – During annual DRAM eXchange conference, Samsung Ho (General Manager of ASUS EPC division) held a presentation that brought some interesting figures to limelight. He argued the case of several researchers that claim how Low-Cost PC's (LCPC) will have limited impact on market with brave predictions, even citing future shortage of components for building low-cost PCs, which might cause spike in prices of those products.

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