Samsung's world's thinnest Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung always has a lot to show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but one of the most eye-popping things will be its introduction of the world's sleekest Blu-ray 3D player.

Toshiba ditches the glasses for next month's CES

When it comes to 3D, there's one stigma that some people just can't shake: wearing glasses. For the four-eyed phobias out there, Toshiba will be bringing its glasses-free commercial 3D TV to the states next month for the first time at CES.

LG's very simply named "B" phone outed

Guess what, Apple? The iPhone 4 will have to step aside as the world's skinniest smartphone. There's a new entry from LG on the way, and in addition to having the slimmest name on the market, it'll also have the slimmest form factor.

How and why Coca-Cola will be at CES

The last company you'd expect to see at CES is one like Coca-Cola. It doesn't exactly scream high-tech. But then again, maybe it does...

Expect Google TV to make a CES splash

January's 2011 CES show may very well be the moment when Google's TV operating system goes from neat concept to market-dominating super power, as more companies are expected to add to the repertoire of Google TV-enabled products, highlighting the important of Internet-powered TV sets moving forward.

After a 16-year hiatus, Nintendo returns to CES in January

For 16 years, Nintendo has been one of the most notably absent companies at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest trade show that houses the latest and greatest in consumer technology.

New bill aims to eliminate TSA scanning, groping

Americans are getting fed up with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molesting and x-raying travelers.

Google mobs Mobile World Congress

Google "hearts mobile" was the message delivered by the firm’s CEO at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Sexting attracts teens to Blackberry Messenger

Sexting is bad according to LG Electronics, but it may be good for RIM, which has seen a record number of teens and young people signing up for a blackberry over the past year, attracted mainly by the magnetic pull of its Blackberry Messenger service.

Sun Q4 profit falls 73%

Sun Microsystems' profit plunged 73% in the most recent quarter as slumping sales to big U.S. companies and restructuring charges weighed on the server and software maker. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company also revealed plans Friday to expand its stock buyback program by $1 billion, a sign Sun believes its shares, which have fallen by 50% over the last nine months, are undervalued and poised to rebound.