Wrap-up: All stories and slideshows from CES 2008

Posted by Wolfgang Gruener


CES 2008

Januar 7-10, 2008



Walking between the Blu-ray Disc booth and the HD DVD booth at this year's CES is like walking between an amusement park and a decrepit morgue.


Key stories

Warner Home Video drops HD DVD support, backs Blu-ray exclusively

In a major blow to HD DVD, Warner announced tonight that it will now only release high-def movie on Blu-ray Disc. The HD DVD camp has canceled its CES press event and all one-on-one press meetings as a result.


Westinghouse gives us a peak at wireless HDTVs

Users will soon be able to send high definition signals to their HDTV sets without any physical cable connection, thanks to a new partnership between Westinghouse Digital and semiconductor company Pulse Link.


Sony does not even say the words "Playstation 3" at CES press conference

Sony talked a lot about its less highlighted divisions at today's press event, but said absolutely nothing about the PS3 and only mentioned the PSP in passing.


Solid state is the new black, Intel’s SSDs

Solid state drives may be the new black at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Dozens of companies are showcasing their newest, fastest and largest flash drives and Intel is no exception.


Powerair's zinc-powered generator

VIEVU's wearable PVR

Wildcharge charging mat

Intel's godly Skulltrail

Palit, the biggest company you've never heard of

The Blu-ray booth vs. the HD DVD booth at CES 2008

AMD's HDTV on a USB stick

Philips booth at CES 2008

The Mahogany wood case mod

The future of Web browsing

Arantix carbon fiber matrix bike frame

Westinghouse's wireless HDTVs along with other products at CES...

The stars come out in force at the CES tour bus unveiling...

Robots to Blu-ray to OLED TVs - Sony's CES press conference

Intel's SSDs and Classmate PC

Netgear's press conference

All CES 2008 stories:

Touch screen panels to become mainstream for MID

Lenovo pushes consumer-based notebooks

Zinc pellets power an indoor generator

VIEVU, the wearable PVR made by cops

Wildcharge gives (almost) wireless power

Is the Consumer Electronics Show on its last leg?

CES 2008: Kopin claims smallest color SVGA display

CES 2008: Sharp looks to network HDTVs through power lines

CES 2008: Big TVs for a big show

CES 2008: Taiwan-based TV makers highlighting 42-inch and larger LCD TVs

CES 2008: Samsung OLED TVs coming in 2010

Lexar shows off SSD and special edition gaming memory

Flyvo portable WiMax gaming device heading for U.S. market

Kodak to expand inkjet printer line

Palit, the biggest graphics/mobo company you’ve never heard of

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: The battle of the CES booths

Hybrid SLI to promote motherboard/graphics card bundling in new Nvidia Additive Brand strategy

Asustek showcasing new notebooks

TI shows DualView technology for gamers on DLP products

CEA president calls for free trade at CES

SanDisk starts sampling 12 GB microSDHC card to mobile phone vendors

AMD’s HDTV on a USB stick

Up close and personal with Philips' "design collection" and 3D HDTVs

AMD teases next generation dual-processor graphics card

New Line crosses the line to Blu-ray exclusivity

Comcast launches free on demand video website

Wii, MTV, Second Life among winners of 2008 tech & engineering Emmy awards

Behold.. the antique clock, mahogany wood, case mod

The time has come for 3D Web browsing

Carbon fiber matrix bicycle frame weighs less than 3 pounds

Westinghouse gives us a peak at wireless HDTVs

A CES nightmare: Internet service down for hours

Blu-ray movies to be playable on PSP by year's end

ASUS to add larger screens and WiMAX to 2nd gen EeePC

Redfly, a docking station for your mobile phone

AMD donates big to OLPC

Yoko Ono, Pat Monahan, will.i.am and more at CES

Taser unveils leopard print device at CES

HD Radio strikes deal with Ford

Bill Gates pokes fun at himself during CES 2008 keynote

Samsung CES press conference was dull and painful

Philips plunges further with "immersive" TV experience

CES: Sony brings everything from dancing MP3 robots to OLED HDTV

Sony does not even say the words "Playstation 3" at CES press conference

SanDisk’s new USB stick has automatic online backup

Netgear touts “metamaterial” antennas and NAS

Pioneer plans to innovate plasma, in-car entertainment

LG talks about HDTV, universal mobile TV

CES 2008 – 3DRadio, “Tivo” for radio

Surge strip 2.0 – the Powramid

SentrySafe shows off almost nuke-proof hard drives and data vaults

Mempile claims one TB can fit on a DVD-sized disc

Solid state is the new black, Intel’s SSDs

CES 2008 – Let the overcharging begin!

Warner Home Video drops HD DVD support, backs Blu-ray exclusively

Westinghouse unveils wireless HDTV

LG Philips to release multi-touch LCD screens