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DARPA Urban Challenge 2007

October 26 to November 3, 2007



DARPA has announced that Tartan Racing from Carnegie Mellon University has won the Urban Challenge race. 

Videos from the event:

Live Coverage from the Race: DARPA Urban Challenge Race Blog - update 1:56 PM

Qualification runs begin at Urban Challenge

You can call it an elegant ballet of cars as the qualification runs for the DARPA Urban Challenge began.  Robotic cars from 35 teams are driving themselves through three test areas trying to impress DARPA judges with their speed and obstacle avoidance skills.

Stanford shows off secret sauce

At first glance the blue Volkswagen Passat looks like any other car, well if you excuse the spinning laser sensors, numerous corporate logos and a big white number “3” plastered on the driver side windshield. But the windshield obstruction isn’t a big deal because this car from Stanford University doesn’t need a driver and from what we’ve seen at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications in Victorville this week, the robotic car “Junior” performs just as well – if not better – than most human drivers we’ve seen.

Team Gator Nation crashes

It was a good run, but Team Gator Nation was eliminated from the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications the same day its bot crashed into a concrete wall.

Axion team leader talks about historic crash

While the DARPA Urban Challenge race could be the first time robotic vehicles drive 60 miles through a simulated city environment, one of the contestants is reveling in another first.

Caltech’s bot hesitantly runs through Urban Challenge qualification course

Watch Caltech's jerky run through the qualification course.

More videos in the complete story list below.

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