Computex 2007

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Computex 2007

Taipei, Taiwan   June 5-9



Intel today launched its long awaited 3-Series chipsets, previously code-named “Bearlake”. Extra: Slideshow


Big announcements

Sandisk announces 64 GB SSD

PNY to launch 256 GB SSDs this year

AMD announces low power X2 processors, DTX spec

Corsair takes DDR3 memory to 2 GHz

Computex Wars: AMD vs. Intel vs. VIA - and some unexpected implications: Analyst Opinion

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ECS showcases its data recovery motherboard

Qimonda reiterates it will jump directly to GDDR5

Computex Wars: AMD vs. Intel vs. VIA - and some unexpected implications: Analyst Opinion

Computex Day 3 Slideshows: SSDs, wood laptops and quad-core SFF PCs

Shuttle goes back to barebones with ten new products

5 GHz overclocking attempt at Computex

Thermalright’s insane “Heat Sink Case”

Intel planning to enter discrete graphics card market in 2008

Intel calls foul on Phenom versus Core 2 comparisons

Sandisk aims to take half of SSD market in 2010

Micron 2 Gbit DDR3 ready to go, but demand not there

ARM CEO outlines future of mobile computing

SilentFlux mixes radiators and CPU coolers

A closer look at Asus’ $199 computer

Intel: 45nm to account for 50% of shipments by Q3 08

SiS announces new mini-DTX motherboard for servers

LED-based monitors shine at Computex

Harpertown and Barcelona battle in Taipei

Asus returns to sound card market

Kingston rolls out DDR3 memory

Pretec announces 64 GB SSD

AMD introduces low-power Athlon X2 processors, DTX spec

First system vendors demonstrating AMD’s Barcelona processor

Update: Intel launches Bearlake chipset, announces plans for sub-$200 PC

PNY to ship SSDs with up to 256 GB this year

Sandisk announces 64 GB solid state disk drive

MSI shows external graphics, passively cooled graphics card at Computex

Corsair takes DDR3 memory to 2 GHz - update

Toshiba showcases slim HD DVD rewritable drive to mobile PCs

Shuttle planning to ship stand-alone XPC motherboards

NXP to volume produce ultra low-cost handset chip solutions in Q1 08, to show solutions at Computex

Akustica introduces HD microphone

Acer to showcase 6.5-liter desktop PCs at Computex