Microsoft takes Zune website live

  • Redmond (WA) - One could easily get lost in the gadget frenzy of this month. Just in case you will forget about Zune when planning a purchase of new game consoles, an HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 or Intel's quad-core processor, Microsoft has launched a website dedicated to creating some excitement for the otherwise rather bland portable media player. wraps all the details about Zune in a fancy package and highlights the player's music download services, social networking approach and availoable accessories, such as stereo docks, headphones, car adapters and a remote control. There's also an Apple-like approach, with some artists promoting the upcoming device.

    We hear that Microsoft will be publishing more details about the Zune U.S. launch on November 10 on So, just in case you can't see Apple's Ipod anymore, starve for a Wi-Fi capable music player in white black or brown, expect some Zune news later this week.

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