Project-a-Phone announces overhead projector for the cellphone

  • Project-a-Phone, a company that makes products for projection of cell phone screens, today announced the launch of the ICD-5000 Image Capture and Display system. The ICD-5000 allows cell phone owners to display the content on their mobile screen to a computer, monitor, or projection screen.

    Much like devices that teachers and professors use to display a calculator screen to an entire class, the ICD-5000 physically clamps onto and hovers over a cell phone or PDA screen and connects to a PC via a USB cable. Users can then project that image to a projector or monitor. It can also be used to record demonstrations of cell phones for later viewing and sharing.

    According to Project-a-Phone, the ICD-5000 is mostly targeted at industry professionals in sales, marketing, application development, and advertising. The company has previously launched the ICD-3000, which is uses a 640x480 pixel sensor, while the ICD-5000 integrates a 5.17 megapixel device that can take screenshots with resolutions of up to 3.15 megapixels.

    "After introducing the ICD-300 earlier this year, we were overwhelmed by the positive response. With the ICD-5000 we now offer an affordable solution that can be used to present in environments where high resolution is critical," said Jeff Hunt, CEO of Project-a-Phone.

    The ICD-5000 is priced $395 and is available now from Project-a-Phone's Web site.