Nintendo overtakes EA as top development studio

  • London (England) - After three years of being the top-earning worldwide video game developer, Electronic Arts has now taken a back seat to Nintendo.

    Nintendo has always held a unique position in the console gaming industry because it maintains such strongholds in both the hardware and software markets.  And for the first time since 2003, EA has fallen, due to Nintendo's growing force.

    According to London-based Develop Magazine's annual list of the top-earning game studios, Nintendo's first-party development studio in Japan earned around $300 million in revenue, a 200% year-to-year increase.  Develop Magazine is one of the UK's most widely read trade publications.

    EA Canada, the top studio for Electronic Arts, has taken the top spot for the previous three years.  In 2007, Nintendo broke that reign.  Develop credited Brain Age and Super Mario Galaxy for the company's meteoric rise.

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