Fingerprint ID coffee machine is uber-geeky

  • A coffee machine that recognizes your tastes and matches the brew to you? Yes, we would make love to this gadget.

    We don't have the $2,500 it would take to own the Xelsis Digital ID SLX 8870 MS from Saeco, but we can dream. It's a coffee machine that is designed for those of us who see coffee not just as a drink, but as a necessary means of controlling violent mood swings in the morning.

    Your personal brewing preferences are stored by this stainless steel box of caffeinated sex, and a simple fingerprint reader lets it know that it is you and your cup needs to runneth over in a very specific manner. You and five other people. That's it. Anyone else who wants a piece of this baby will have to settle for manual input. Losers!

    Among the other features of my precious: self-cleaning hot water tank, cup warmer, ceramic grinder, and a color TFT display. The whole thing weighs 17 Kg, and is 42x28x38 cm.

    We're not going to get married just yet, maybe wait a few cups, and have a small Vegas ceremony with a few family and friends. No more than five, of course.

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