Peek ships Twitter gadget for the terminally-sad

  • Peek has introduced a Twitter mobile device for social networking addicts and professional narcissists.

    From what we can discern, the $100 TwitterPeek was apparently designed to facilitate the affordable, yet painful transmission of insipid one-liners to the masses.

    ?Find Twitter dull? Well, so do we. But the altruistic Peek may be able to help - if you let it. ??Indeed, the social networking site apparently undergoes a radical transformation when it is accessed from a real-time device like the TwitterPeak.

    "Twitter is so much more interesting when you can tweet and reply to conversations as they happen – in real time, not from behind a PC," claimed Peek. "Twitter addicts will love that it's one device dedicated to their habit – fully loaded with 'always on' tweet delivery. Twitter newbies will revel in the simplicity of a handy device that is easy to understand."

    Yeah, right.

    Still not convinced? Neither are we. Odds are that you will be able to pick up a shiny TwitterPeak along with an 8-track for $50 on E-Bay sometime next month. ??Any opening bids?

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