When Metal Broke Through to the Mainstream

If Green Day’s Dookie album turning twenty doesn’t make you feel old, this definitely will…Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album, featuring the legendary anthem “We’re Not Going to Take It,” is about to turn thirty years old.

Leonard Nimoy Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

There’s been a big anti-smoking movement in America for years, to the point where people have even criticized characters smoking in movies. While we think that things like that are going a little too far, we’re all for people speaking out against what can be a very deadly habit in the long run. 

Bryan Singer Looks Back on Superman Returns

Decades after the Christopher Reeve classic became the big hit of 1978, Hollywood is still trying to get Superman right for the big screen. While Christopher Nolan successfully reinvented Batman, at least for two movies, the consensus is that Bryan Singer pretty much blew it with Superman Returns, and unfortunately Man of Steel didn’t help matters much either. 

Fantastic Four Casting Soon to Be Finalized

As we reported previously on TGD, The Fantastic Four reboot is coming together quickly at Fox for a June 19, 2105 release, and casting is quickly coming together. We knew the film would be coming together pretty fast, and apparently it’s going to start shooting this March.

The Robocop reboot: the reviews are in

We just ran a report on TGD about the reboot of RoboCop, which is coming on February 12. A friend of ours who runs the Movie Zombie blog saw it early, and he wasn’t terribly impressed. Now the first official reviews are in. The verdict? 

Uncharted PlayStation Game to Get the Big Screen Treatment

Uncharted is the PlayStation game that focuses on Nathan Drake, a heroic treasure hunter. Treasure hunters have often been big box office, Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind, and now Uncharted is one of many big video game titles that’s up for the big screen treatment.

Katy Perry awesome Twitter goddess of the universe

While I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry, I don’t hate her but her music doesn’t do anything for me, this is an interesting milestone in technology: She has fifty million followers on Twitter, which is now officially a record. 

Need For Speed Gets a Last Minute 3D Conversion

We at TGD are not totally sold on Need For Speed, but we’re going to be watching the movie’s progress because it’s a major video game adaptation, and we’re wondering if there will ever be a good video game movie down the road. We’re not sure Need For Speed is going to be it, but if the movie’s alright, it could be a start.

There's a New Doctor Who in Town

While the new incarnation of Doctor Who has yet to appear, there’s already several noticeable changes. The first is there’s no bow-tie, and the second will be that the new Doc Who, Peter Capaldi, will not adopt a British accent to play the good doctor.

The biggest game franchise of 2013 is officially......

GTA V is officially the biggest game franchise of 2013, making well over a billion and selling 32.5 million copies . And with the game’s massive success, the profits for Take-Two Interactive has more than doubled.

Michael Keaton 's Batman suit versus new Robocop suit: no contest

These days we see so many superhero suits that are done in hard black rubber, and the first time this was ever done was in the 1989 Batman. Before this, of course, superhero clothes were more leotard-y, where Tim Burton’s Batman brought the superhero costume into the modern age.

Theres no looking back for Facebook after 10 years

While any new technology or website phenomenon will always have its share of critics and haters, I enjoy Facebook a great deal. I get a lot of news from it first, it’s a great way to find people and stay in touch, and I’ve also had emotional times when looking somebody up will take me back into the past. (It’s quite a trip to look somebody up on Facebook, and realize how far you and that person have come since then.)

Can the Technology of Her One Day Be a Reality?

The movie Her has gotten rave reviews, and it’s also caused a bit of Oscar controversy because Scarlett Johansson wasn’t nominated. It’s certainly raised real issues about what constitutes an Academy Award winning performance, especially when you can’t see the actor in the film, or when an actor is doing a motion control performance, a la Andy Serkis. 

Happy Birthday Howard Stern

Howard Stern is 60? It’s not that we thought he wouldn’t hit this milestone one day, it’s just another thing that makes us feel much older. Seemed like only yesterday he broke into L.A. after ruling N.Y., and he soon became a phenomenon everywhere. 

New Developments Coming to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is heading back to cable on April 6, and the show’s sure to be a ratings bonanza when it returns. It’s also going to steer clear of the return of The Walking Dead, which is coming on February 9. (It would be highly foolish for both shows to go head to head in the ratings.) 

Rambo the Game is Coming

Several years back on TGD, we wrote about the return of Rambo…not on the silver screen, but to gaming. And frankly we were surprised at the response the story got. Apparently there’s a lot of people who want a Rambo video game, and he’s a great choice for a first person shooter. 

Is Higher Frame Rates in Gaming Better?

Here on TGD, we’ve reported a lot on the high frame rate controversy with The Hobbit. While a lot of filmmakers have been claiming it’s the way of the future, a lot of people feel it makes a movie look too hi-def and unrealistic, and it makes the 3D even more headache inducing. But what about high frame rates for gaming? 

Can Need For Speed Go Beyond the Game?

There’s a new era of video game movies coming, and we’re hoping they will turn the genre around, much like X-Men turned around the comic book film. We think there could be a great video game movie down the road, but we’re not sure Need For Speed’s going to be it. 

Zachary Quinto to Star in Agent 47

It’s not easy to step into the shoes of an original Star Trek member, but Zachary Quinto has done a great job as the new model Spock, and now he’s up to star in a big screen video game adaptation, Agent 47.

Transformers, Captain America, and The Amazing Spider-Man Have a Big Superbowl Weekend

We just reported here on TGD that the first commercial for Transformers: Age of Extinction would debut during the Superbowl, which is always a prime time for the major studios to buy ad space for their upcoming blockbusters. In fact, according to polls, Extinction was the most anticipated movie commercial for the Bowl broadcast.