Blizzard sets final release date for World of Warcraft Expansion

Irvine (CA) - Blizzard is setting the final release date for the Burning Crusade expansion pack for World of Warcraft. Burning Crusade will be released on January 16th, 2007 for North America and Europe and Blizzard says Asian countries will have the expansion in a "similar time frame". TG Daily's Burning Crusade beta test notes and screenshots

Lines begin to form at retail locations for PS3

Video game blog Kotaku has posted an image of the outside of a Best Buy store in Burbank, CA, with three people reportedly already in line outside for the November 17 launch of the PS3, still eight days away. See the Sony Playstation 3 in detail ...

DLP RPTV half as costly as LCD/DLP for 52" TVs

The material costs for a 1080p 52" DLP (digital light processing) rear-projection TV (RPTV) are about $807.52, nearly half of that from a 1080p 52" LCD TV and a PDP (plasma display panel) TV, according to Displaysearch.

Record your skateboarding or surfing mishaps with Oregon Scientific's helmet cam

Oregon Scientific has announced a new helmet mountable camera that can record up to 30 frames per second, even under water. The ATC2K weighs less than a pound and records video at 640 by 480 pixels to SD flash memory. The camera is water-proof up to three meters.

Rumor Mill: Best Buy PS3 allocation to be cut? is reporting that Best Buy's PlayStation 3 allocation may be cut in half. An anonymous Best Buy employee told the website that the store will get getting approximately half of the units promised by Sony. Neowin also says the store will be counting on the Wii and other consoles to get it through the holiday season.

Yahoo's cooking oil-powered car to attempt land speed record

Yahoo is sponsoring a cooking oil-powered car that will try to set a land speed record this weekend. The 3000 hp, 6-cylinder, twin turbo car will race at the El Mirage dry lake bed near Victorville California on Sunday November 12 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Wii pre-orders go online tomorrow

For those who weren't able to guarantee a Wii pre-order at Toys R Us, GameStop, or EB Games retail locations, the console will be making its first large-scale online availability as and will offer Wii pre-orders tomorrow evening.

Sony introduces new LCD projectors

Sony recently unveiled two business projectors that use a new LCD panel design.

Grand Theft Auto trilogy package headed for holidays

Rockstar Games, the publisher best known for its slate of controversial games, today announced three of its most famous/infamous titles, Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas, will be released in a trilogy bundle on 4 December, right in the middle of the holiday shopping frenzy.

Disney to make games for Nintendo DS and Wii

Disney has announced a new video game studio that will make games for the Nintendo DS handheld and the upcoming Nintendo Wii game console. The studio will develop titles based on current and future Disney movies and characters.

Namco Bandai gets devilishly good partnership with EA for Hellgate

Along with video game publishing giant Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai Games today announced it has signed into a partnership with the Redwood City-based company to jointly publish the anticipated PC title Hellgate: London.

Microsoft's Xbox iTV surprise

We've known for some time Apple was planning a spoiler party at MacWorld during CES to take the edge off Microsoft's Vista launch later that same month. Today Microsoft struck first by launching Xbox Live Video Marketplace their own iTV like offering with the Xbox 360 and folks that already have one, in effect get an iTV for free.

Best Buy cancels PS3 pre-orders

Gamers who pre-ordered their Sony PlayStation 3 through Best Buy will be getting their money back. The retail giant has cancelled all pre-orders and sent emails to customers saying, "Your preorder for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be cancelled."

Man fired for downloading porn to be re-hired

An Australian employee commission has ordered NCR Australia to re-hire a man that was fired for downloading porn to his work computer. Mr. Budlong, an employee for 31 years, was fired last year after 175 pornographic images were found on his work laptop. The New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) ruled the firing was illegal because yearly Internet 'Code of Conduct' agreements signed by Budlong were too automatic to be binding.

Samsung to release more slim DLP RPTVs in 2007

Samsung Electronics is planning to launch more slim DLP (digital light processing) RPTVs (rear-projection TVs) next year, according to sources.

TwitchBlog: EA faffs about with crappy digital distribution system v2.0

So, EA has released a new version of its digital distribution system. Fearing spyware I had it downloaded to a random TG office machine that'll probably be taken apart and rebuilt in a week and, after playing around with the service for ten minutes, I already think of it exclusively as a poor mans Steam.

Wal-Mart lowering prices on gadgets

Wal-Mart is rolling back prices on dozens of televisions and gadgets in an effort to attract cooler shoppers. Televisions will have the deepest cuts with a Panasonic 42" HD plasma television selling for $1294 and an RCA 32" LCD HDTV for $847.

Save $20,000 on Panasonic's 103" plasma TV

Panasonic's 103" plasma TV recently became available for purchase on a number of U.S. websites. And apparently, the device isn't quite a hot seller, with even a limited supply resulting in ample availability on the web. As a result, prices for the TV already have dropped considerably, with most etailers offering a $20,000 discount: Instead of the suggested retail price of nearly $70,000, the TH-103PF9UK is offered for just under $50,000.

Nearly 40 games confirmed for PS3 online download service

Fresh off the heels of Nintendo's announced lineup of titles available for its Wii virtual console service, Sony has said that its own downloadable game platform for the upcoming PS3 console, is growing a respectable library as well, with "about 40" exclusive titles heading to the platform, says Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison.

NYC, LA stores chosen for official Wii launch parties

As Nintendo, retailers, and fans get ready for the approaching Wii launch, Nintendo today announced that the GameStop at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, and the famous Toys R Us Times Square in New York City, will be hosts to the official Wii launch events.