Lord of the Rings expansion battles its way to the PC

Entertainment software giant Electronic Arts today announced that it has shipped The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch King, the latest expansion to the company's movie game franchise.

Mad Catz to release Xbox Live Arcade controller

Answering to the wishes of tons of Xbox users just in time for Christmas, Mad Catz today announced that it will release a controller for the Xbox 360 specifically designed to play Live Arcade titles on December 19.

PS3 downloadable games up to 10x larger than XBL versions

With all three major consoles devoting resources to on-demand games directly from the box, Sony is aiming to be the winner in terms of potential size, with an "arbitrary limit" set at 500 MB.

Yellow Dog Linux rolls over to PS3

Just about a week after the launch of the PS3, Terra Soft Solutions has made available a version of Yellow Dog Linux for the console, adding a full third-party operating system to Sony's supercomputer-like machine.

Epson debuts 1080p home projector

Epson's forthcoming PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 home projector will offer 1080p resolution, 12,000:1 contrast, and a $5000 price tag.

Microsoft responds to Xbox Live video marketplace problems

Larry Hryb, known to Xbox Live users as Major Nelson, has posted a new blog entry on his Web site where he addresses issues that have popped up since the debut of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, including downloading incorrect content for paying users.

PS3 problems abound as second batch to hit shelves in December

While Sony is preparing to deliver its second batch of PS3 game consoles in December, consumers who are currently enjoying the new gaming device reportedly have encountered problems with the console, including overheating, inability to start up the console, and a lower display resolution from its Blu-ray Disc (BD) player, according to market sources.

Gears of War turns out 1 million copies

Microsoft's highly anticipated game for the Xbox 360, Gears of War, has reached the milestone of one million copies sold, giving it the distinction of being the fastest-selling Xbox 360 game since the console's debut last year.

Movies and TV shows pop up on Xbox Live

Exactly one year after the Xbox 360 made its retail debut, the console's online service lived up to promises made this month, as movie and TV show downloads are now available on Xbox Live.

Top 10 reasons why to buy a Playstation 3 on Ebay

Chicago (IL) - When we last checked, there about 13,000 PS3s on sale on Ebay. With that many consoles for sale, one could have guessed, a balance of supply and demand may not be that far away - and sellers are getting creative to get rid of their console. Fresh from Ebay, here are the top-10 reasons why to buy a PS3, if you have the money to spend.

Comparing Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 execution: Focus makes the difference

This week one of the big items in the news is the Yahoo Peanut Butter Manifesto: Yahoo's marketing boss takes the company to task for being spread too thin and not being focused enough. Strangely enough, when you compare the working strategies for game systems between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, in the end it is focus, or the lack of it, that differentiates the efforts.

Sony opens site for PS3 backward compatibility problems

Culver City (CA) - Despite once stating that all back system titles would be compatible with the PS3, Sony has now put up a site that lets users search their games to see if there will be any problems playing them on the next-gen console.

AUO may roll out 65" TV panels in H1 2007

AU Optronics (AUO) will introduce 65" LCD TV panels perhaps as early as the second quarter of 2007, as it rolls out its first panels over 50", according to market sources.

Wii first look & feel: Next-gen video gaming

Columbus (OH) - Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people in the US became the first customers of the Nintendo Wii console, and they are no doubt discovering what makes the Wii so interesting. We've taken a first-hand, gut reaction look at what the Wii offers and what makes it so different from the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Logitech, Monster Cable unveil new generation of remote controls

Two companies, Logitech and Monster Cable are trying to spice up the typically hum-drum remote control with remotes that control not only all your audio/visual gear, but also your interior lighting. While both company's remotes do the same thing, they look and feel quite different.

Melitta coffeemaker grinds out weather report

The Melitta Smart Mill and Brew coffemaker just went on sale and, according to the German coffee company, marks its place in history as the first coffeemaker to team up with Microsoft to provide weather reports in addition to the morning brew.

Nintendo gives rollout schedule for Wii Channels

The Nintendo Wii Channels, the backbone of the console's online services, will not all be available right at launch. Instead, channels that already have been confirmed by Nintendo, are going to be spread out between the Sunday launch and next January, according to Gamespot.

PS3 midnight launch: Elation turns to fear as PS3 buyers go home

Some lucky buyers of the PlayStation 3 console had their elation turn to fear as they tried to figure out how to get home without being robbed. We were inside the Hawthorne Circuit City store as the first group of buyers entered. After purchasing their games and console, one person said "I'm scared", while another told us of their "foolproof" plan to get home.

Opinion: Payday - The $15,100 PlayStation 3

Myself and Wolfgang Gruener have just sat, with our mouths agape, as a Playstation 3 bidding war on Ebay reached $10,001.00 a few minutes ago. We nearly fell off of our chairs when it went to $15,000 with mere seconds to go; and finally the winner of the hotly contested bidding war, which began at $1, was a user from the UK who bid $15,100 to become to proud new owner of a Playstation 3.

Samsung rumored to be reducing 40" and 46" panel output

Rumors are circulating that Samsung Electronics has reduced output of its 40- and 46" LCD TV panels by nearly 20% amid reduced orders from downstream clients since November.