Blockbuster giving free rentals to Netflix turncoats

Blockbuster is launching a holiday program to give free rentals to current Netflix customers. Until December 21, Netflix members can get free Blockbuster Total Access rentals by bring in the red address flaps from the Netflix envelopes. But there is a catch, customers must turn in the envelope flaps in person at a Blockbuster store.

Tivo DRM cracked

Programmers have released a new program that can break Tivo's file protection and convert stored video clips into regular MPEG-2 files. The program called "tivodecode" is on and can be recompiled to different processors and architectures. After conversion, the MPEG-2 clips can be reconverted or moved to other computers.

Police arrest 12-year-old for opening Game Boy present early

Police in Rock Hill South Carolina arrested an eager teenager for opening his Game Boy Christmas present early. The 12-year-old kid had taken the present that had been placed under the Christmas tree by his 27-year-old mother. On Sunday, the mother and the boy's great-grandmother couldn't find the present and threatened to call the police.

Azureus rolls out HD YouTube challenger

Azureus, the makers of the popular Bittorrent client of the same name, is rolling out a high-definition video service called Zudeo. Users of the service can upload, rate and comment on videos, just like the YouTube video sharing site. However, unlike YouTube, high-definition videos can be shared and there is no limit to the size or duration of the videos.

PS3 download service goes live

Sony's e-Distribution Initiative (EDI), which allows PS3 owners to purchase and play games directly from the console, is now up and running, as the first titles have made their appearance in the online service.

Ambulance follows GPS 200 miles in the wrong direction

We all know the pitfalls of blindly following your GPS navigation without doing a reality check, but a British ambulance crew must have broken a world record. The ambulance blindly followed their GPS system 200 miles the wrong way while ferrying a patient from the King George Hospital in Ilford to the Mascalls Park Hospital near Brentwood.

Ceiva releases new digital photo frames

Ceiva Logic today released a new line of digital photo frames. The frames integrate Wi-Fi connectivity and allow users to send pictures via Internet from a computer or camera phone to the frame.

PS3 downloadable game Flow gets release date

One of the few games for the PS3 online store to achieve pre-release hype, Flow has received an official release date. The casual game, developed by Thatgamecompany, will be available from the PS3 online network on December 19.

Wii makes international debut with weekend launch in Japan

The Wii made its retail appearance in Nintendo's home town of Japan on Saturday, nearly selling out the allocated 400,000 units, nearly pushing the Wii over the one million mark worldwide.

Band to release CD and host release party inside of Second Life

It's a CD release party without the spilled wine, bouncers and paparazzi. The Sarah Mac band is releasing a CD and hosting their release party inside the virtual Second Life world. The event will happen at 3PM PST on Saturday December 2nd on "Muse Isle" a virtual island made for live music performances.

Rumor: Sony to release new Gran Turismo as a demo

Gaming website is reporting that Sony will release Gran Turismo HD as a demo instead of a fully playable game. The demo will be released on Christmas Eve as a free download for Playstation 3 owners.

2KGames offers full Railroad Tycoon game for free

Want to make millions in the railroad business? Well you can do it virtually with a free download of the original Railroad Tycoon game. 2KGames is offering the old Microprose classic as a promotion for its newer Sid Meier Railroads! game.

EA sets up Wii development studio

Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts is so intrigued with the Wii that it has set up a development studio exclusive for the platform, according to media reports.

TwitchBlog: The only way to stop internet TV piracy - give the shows away

El Beeb has been fussing over the topic of piracy of TV shows over the Internet. "Ohh woe is me," says the TV industry, "for how can I make money with ad-free pirated versions of shows going online mere minutes after broadcast?"

iRobot Create: Roomba hacking for the everyman

As much fun as vacuums can be, it looks like iRobot has sensed the true spirit behind its Roomba fanbase: hacking.

JVC announces 1080p projector with 15,000:1 contrast ratio

JVC today announced a new flagship for its home video projector family. The new DLA-RS1 model provides 1080p resolution (1920x1080 progressive) and, according to the manufacturer, provides a contrast ratio of 15,000:1.

Opinion: Why the Xbox 360 is the winner of the current console war

The Xbox 360 is the winner of the current console war. A bit of a premature statement considering as how the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii have only been on the market long enough to have their first technical teething problems? I think not, and here's why.

Countdown to Christmas: Next-gen consoles, Zune - and the end of Blu-ray

The Playstation 3 sold out in minute and it took 8 days for 600,000 Nintendo Wii boxes to fly off the shelves. Both can now be bought on Ebay for several times their list price, despite the fact that early products will likely have more problems and the value of these things will drop like a rock once supply equals demand. Sales of the stratospherically priced products on Ebay aren't brisk suggesting folks may be wiser this year than they were last.

New study says violent games affect brain activity

A new study released this week indicates that teens who play violent video games show increased brain activity in regions that control emotional arousal and decreased activities in regions that govern self-control.

Pinnacle spins out consumer HD DVD authoring software

Looking to target the true HD DVD enthusiasts, Pinnacle Systems today introduced a platform for general consumers to create their own HD DVDs with full HD motion menus and high-definition video authoring.