Now playing on your PC: Netflix movies

Netflix today announced that it is adding a video download service and enable its customers to not only order DVDs online, but also watch movies and television series on their PC. The new service is offered at no additional cost, but there is a limited viewing time that depends on a viewer's subscription plan.

World of Warcraft hits 8 million subscribers

World of Warcraft, the online multiplayer fantasy game, now has more than 8 million players. This is according to Blizzard Entertainment who released the game just over two years ago on November 23, 2004. The players include more than 2 million North American players, along with 1.5 million in Europe and an incredible 3.5 million in China.

CES 2007: Microsoft says Crysis will be Vista's Halo

The original Xbox had Halo. The Xbox 360 has Gears of War. And soon, according to Microsoft, Windows Vista will have Crysis.

CES 2007: Impressions - teetering on the edge

As the Sands hosts a whole series of lock-in pre-CES conferences which you can't get into, even if you've RSVP'd (do I sound bitter?); the expo center and Venetian hotel are gearing up for another event with a major impact upon the technology world: The Adult Entertainment Expo.

CES 2007: First horseman of apocalypse in Las Vegas

If there was any doubt that CES has become a bloated, over the top, affair, much like the last days of Pompeii, or Comdex for that matter, you need read no further than this little ditty from our intrepid reporter, Rob Wright, in Las Vegas.

Vizio introduces sub-$3000 60" PDP TV

Vizio recently announced the introduction of its largest PDP (plasma display panel) high-definition TV (HDTV) –a 60" Maximvs-brand model (VM60P).

CES 2007: The battle for the digital home - analyst opinion

Get ready for the battle for the digital home: CES and Macworld are just a few days away and both will lure you with new media center devices. Behind the scenes, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and AMD are assembling the core technologies, but the front end is more interesting: HP, Dell and Apple will be the primary vendors making a run at this new market. Let's have a closer look.

Xbox 360 v2 found, codenamed Zephyr

Ever wonder why Microsoft hasn't released an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, or whether the AV port was really capable of digital out?

Rosie and Donald battle it out online, the website for the digital cable channel Game Show Network, takes advantage of the current feud between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump and turned the rather strange exchange of words into a free online game.

Vizio introduces lower-priced 1080p 47" LCD TV

Vizio recently announced the introduction of a $1900 47" (GV47LF) 1080p LCD TV to join its lineup of Gallevia displays.

Microsoft cracks open Halo 3 beta with 2 new ways to enter

Microsoft announced today two new ways to get into the Halo 3 multiplayer beta program, which officially launches this spring. By playing Halo 2 over Xbox Live (XBL) and registering online, or by purchasing the upcoming title Crackdown, users who didn't get a chance to register in December can still get into the beta.

Stickam to host online New Year's Eve party

Stickam, an online social networking and user video site, will be the host of a global New Year's Eve party, with live video of the countdowns from areas all over the world.

Analyst opinion: Searching for the perfect Media Center PC

2007 is slated to become a big year for media in the home. Every major technology vendor with even a toe in the consumer segment will be going after a market that could easily create the next iPod-like wave of products and growth. As we wrap up 2006 the year let's take a look at what a media center device needs to look like and who is likely to come closest to the mark.

Wii slaughters PS3 in holiday sales

The final numbers are in, and in terms of unit sales, the Wii is the unquestioned winner of the holiday shopping battle, with estimates claiming that Nintendo's console is outselling the PS3 at a rate of two to one, reports The Times Online.

PS Store offers Gran Turismo HD concept free for PS3 owners

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced the December 24 North American release of Gran TurismoHD Concept, available for free download, exclusively on the PS Store for the PS3 computer entertainment system.

Opinion: To buy or not to buy a PS3

For some reason, Playstation 3s have been popping up around the country here and there. You still need to have some luck to come across a console, but there's a good chance that you'll run into available units on your last shopping day before Christmas. And question will be: Should you buy it? What it is all about: The PS3 in detail ...

Toshiba's 55" SED TV to be a no-show at CES

If you had high hopes of seeing Toshiba's "soon-to-be-released" SED TV showcased at CES in just a few weeks, well, you can probably already read the writing on the wall.

Microsoft extends Xbox warranty, offers refunds for repairs

Likely Microsoft's final official announcement for the Xbox 360 before Christmas, the software giant announced today that it is extending the out-of-box warranty offered from 90 days to one year, in line with other countries but exorbitantly longer than the norm in America.

Wii Virtual Console gets five for Christmas

Any kid lucky enough to have parents who were willing to camp out for several hours at a Best Buy or Toys R Us, and wakes up with a Wii on Christmas morning, will have a few new gifts to unwrap, at a cost of $5 - $8 each, on the Wii Shop Channel, as Nintendo today announced the Christmas line-up for the Virtual Console.

UPDATE: Nintendo touts Opera browser for Wii

Chicago (IL) - Nintendo and Norwegian software company Opera today released a web browser for the Wii console, based on the Opera 9 for Devices evaluation kit. The browser is available for free until mid-2007 and can be used in combination with the Wii remote. Nintendo overview of features ...