PS3 updates with firmware upgrade and most expensive download to date

In a move that sets the PS3 apart from the Wii and Xbox 360, Sony has begun offering the most expensive digital download across all next-gen platforms.

Over 1000 PS2 games to work with Euro PS3

Sony has confirmed that more than 1000 of the 5000+ PS2 titles will be compatible with the PS3 when it's released in Europe this month.

Brand new SimCity heading to the Nintendo DS

After essentially being pushed aside for the more popular "The Sims" franchise, the pioneering open-ended game is back, with an all-new SimCity announced for the Nintendo DS.

TomTom adds Curt Schilling's voice to GPS systems

quot;You’re almost home! Slide! Slide!" is what owners of a TomTom GPS system can now hear when they reach their destination, spoken by none other than Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling

Chinese man dies after week-long gaming session

A 26-year-old man from northeastern China died after a "marathon" online gaming session.

Archos releases portable media player with integrated camcorder

Archos, a leading maker of portable media players, has released their 404 player with an integrated camcorder. The seven ounce player has a 30GB hard drive and a 3.5-inch LCD screen that can display 320 by 240 pixels.

Namco offers Ms. PacMan for iPods

Namco is bringing Ms. PacMan, an arcade classic, to the iPod.

EA shoots out Command & Conquer 3 demo

PC gamers can now get their hands on a preview build of the latest installment in the Command & Conquer series, C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. A demo of the strategy title is now available from the game's official site.

New Sony digital cameras get HD link

Sony announced three new mainstream digital cameras that come standard with a high-definition component output interface

51 GB HD DVD disc rivals Blu-ray capacity

Further blurring the line of which format is technically superior, Toshiba has announced that it has successfully created a triple-layer HD DVD disc that holds 51 GB of data.

Second Life tests out voice chat

San Francisco (CA) - The virtual denizens of Second Life will be getting a new way to communicate, namely voice chat. Starting next week, 1000 lucky people will be able to beta test voice chat technology. Linden Labs, the owners of Second Life, say this isn't just any voice chat because character animations will match speech volumes - talk louder and your character goes nuts. Characters can chat privately in addition to joining larger "chats" for concerts and public gatherings.

Sony Bravia IPTV link gets priced, dated

Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, which was the company's main attraction at this year's CES, has been given a finalized price and street date.

Apple TV gets pushed back to March

The Apple TV is not yet ripe for picking, as the manufacturer recently confirmed that the release date has been pushed back a few weeks.

Marriott hotel rooms get gadget connectivity

To meet the increased demand for technology during travel, Marriott announced today that it has developed a new technology that allows guests to link various devices to in-room television sets.

Ocarina of Time arrives on Wii Virtual Console

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, regarded as the best installment in the long-running Zelda series, has made its anticipated arrival on the Wii's Virtual Console as part of the digital store's weekly update.

Sony ready to drop Blu-ray entry-level player to $600

There is a good chance that Blu-ray will be shedding its image to be the more expensive option among the two high-definition media formats. According to media reports, Sony will release a new Blu-ray player that will cost only half as much as the current BDP-S1, while offering an improved feature set.

Electronic Arts Riccitiello returns as CEO

Former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello will return as the company's CEO in April.

China electrocutes the WoW out of Internet addicts

Shanghai (China) - Locked cells, electrocution and freezing temperatures, no this isn't a military torture chamber, but China's new way of dealing with Internet addicts. In the past year, several clinics have opened up that treat people who are addicted to online games, chatting and web surfing. Some of the patients come willing, but most have been forced to attend by their parents or even government officials. 

Burning DVD remote prompts Best Buy recall

Minneapolis (MN) - Best Buy has issued a voluntary recall of nearly 10,000 remotes that came bundled in its DVD players after it was reported that the remote could overheat, causing a burning hazard. The remote in question comes packed in with an Insignia DVD player/100W shelf system.  Insignia is Best Buy's licensed brand for low-end electronics.  The affected model number is NS-A1113, which is printed on the front of the player.

Wing Commander makes a comeback on Xbox Live Arcade

Old-time gamers who remember EGA graphics and tweaking expanded memory settings are sure to rejoice the comeback of Wing Commander.