Subliminal messages attempt to cure video game addiction

Xtive, a Korean start-up company, has proposed a system of sending subliminal audio messages to gamers telling them that their time is up and they should stop gaming.

Halo 2 puts PC gamers on Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced that Halo 2 will be the first game to allow cross-platform play when it is released for the PC later in the year.

CeBIT: Sharp announces new LCD TVs with 160 GB hard drive

Hannover (Germany) - Sharp today announced two new Aquos LCD TV's that support a 1080p resolution and provide the functionality of a digital video recorder - thanks to a built-in 160 GB 2.5" hard drive.

Sharp to put 108" LCD TV into production

Hannover (Germany) - Sharp has brought all three of the firm's existing 108" LCD TVs to Hannover. Previously shown at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, the company now said that it is planning to sell "customizable" versions of the TV.  

AMD gets cozy with the PS2, puts YouTube on your TV

AMD to put the Internet on your living room screen.

Screenwriter sues Midway for copyright infringement

William L. Crawford, an unknown Hollywood screenwriter, is suing Midway Games because he claims the publisher lifted the story for the game Psi-Ops from a screenplay that he wrote.

Plastic, say retailers, will not replace cash in near future

Cash will not be replaced by credit and debit cards in the near future, the British Retail Consortium has said in response to comments made by the Chief Executive of Visa Europe.

Gamespy confirmed as the company behind Wii online

After a successful stint so far with providing the middleware for online DS games, Gamespy today confirmed that it will be the provider for online multiplayer services for future Wii titles.

iTunes posts Lionsgate movies

Lionsgate Films has now added several of its most popular movies, earning the distinction as the first non-Disney movie studio with a presence on iTunes.

Roller Coaster Tycoon lawsuit goes to high UK court

Chris Sawyer, the developer of the PC hit series Roller Coaster Tycoon, has sued the game's publisher Atari, alleging that it skimped out on paying royalties and other fees totaling millions of dollars.

PSP redesign on the way

A new, smaller version of the PSP is in the pipeline, according to recent comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) executive Ray Maguire.

Whoops! Hit-and-run drivers caught with long-lens camera

Culver City (CA) - The driver of an Acura RSX might have made a slight tactical error when he made a run for it after allegedly crashing into another vehicle whilst being watched by the owner of a long-lens camera.  

HD Tivo price drop coming this year

The price of Tivo's Series 3 HD DVR is headed for a drop, according to recent statements made by the company's CEO Tom Rogers.

IPod tailored "Play List Jacket" comes out this month

Bagir announced today that it has finished working on its iPod certified "Play List Jacket," which it claims is the only jacket specifically designed for the Apple device.

Valve questions Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming

Half-Life 2 developer Valve thinks that Microsoft's current "Games for Windows" marketing push is a cynical ploy to sell more copies of Windows Vista, rather than a genuine effort to invigorate the PC gaming market.

Blu-ray edges out HD DVD in February

For the second month in a row, Blu-ray Disc (BD) sales were about double that of HD DVD, according to recently released February sales data.

Fable 2 will feature love, children and a dog

Veteran video game developer Sir Peter Molyneux has said that he wants to introduce the concept of fondness and love into Fable 2 by allowing players to raise a family and by giving them a dog as a constant companion.

Zelda to make online debut on DS

Zelda will join the ranks of many other classic Nintendo franchises that have made their way online, with the release of Phantom Hourglass later this year.

AMD shows off accelerated vector graphics

San Francisco (CA) - The future of mobile phone graphics lies in vector-based acceleration, according to AMD. The company demoed its upcoming G12 and G40 mobile graphics chips at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and claimed that they can speed up vector graphics rending by up to thirty times. According to company representatives, the chips could also help developers produce more eye catching interfaces and reduce power consumption.

GE unveils digital camera family

Las Vegas (NV) – General Imaging today introduced eight GE-branded digital cameras at the Photo Marketing Association's annual conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas.