Nintendo to front new video game expo

Nintendo has signed up as an anchor exhibitor at the new "Entertainment for All Expo", a new convention from IDG aimed at replacing the defunct Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Microsoft offers new Zune firmware update

Microsoft recently unveiled its latest update for the Zune, optimizing a couple features and fixing a glitch that caused some songs to skip.

Complicated PS3 platform discouraging second-tier game developers

Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) platform is, in comparison with that of Microsoft's Xbox 360, technologically too complicated to facilitate development of supporting games by second-tier developers, according to Taiwan games developers.

iTunes offers pro-rated album prices for previously purchased tracks

Apple announced today that it will begin lowering prices of complete albums by 99 cents for each song that users have already downloaded.

Take-Two intros expansion for Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Take-Two Interactive announced details today about the latest expansion to Sid Meier's Civilation IV, one of the publisher's best-selling PC franchises.

HD DVD promises 70 titles by July 2007

The HD DVD group today announced the complete list of upcoming releases through July, saying that the total number of releases in the first half of 2007 will reach more than 70.

Pogo makes console debut with Pogo Island for the DS

Electronic Arts announced today that it has shipped Pogo Island for the Nintendo DS, marking the first time the software giant's casual online gaming division has made its way to a major non-PC platform.

Mario and Sonic to appear in olympic game together

In their first joint appearance in a video game, Mario and Sonic are both headed to a new olympics game due out this Christmas.

Blu-ray Casino Royale hits 100,000 mark

Sony has announced that over 100,000 Blu-ray Discs (BDs) of Casino Royale have shipped, making it the first high definition movie release to reach the six-digit milestone.

Mexican criminals offered Xbox 360 in return for handing in firearms

The new mayor of Mexico City is offering criminals a free Xbox 360 for every handgun are handed into police in an amnesty.

Microsoft lifts the curtain on 120 GB Xbox 360 Elite

The fabled 120 GB, black Xbox 360 is now official, as Microsoft today unveiled details about the new high-end console.

Bandai Namco to bring Cell processor to the arcades

Bandai Namco will use the supercomputer chip in future arcade machines.

Electronic Arts establishes Artwerk music label

Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts has teamed up with Nettwerk One Music to establish a new music label based in Los Angeles. The new label intends to sign both unknown and established artists around the world for recording, publishing and distribution deals.

Nintendo attempts to block Wii modchips in newest console revision

Nintendo has altered the circuit layout of its Wii games console in order to block the increasing use of modification chips (modchips).

“300” producer to set up video game publishing company

Thomas Thull, Executive Producer of the box office smash hit “300”, has announced that he is to set up a video game publishing company funded by $150 million in private equity.

British retailer slams Sony’s PlayStation 3 PR “stunt” as desperate

British retailer HMV has said that Sony's UK PS3 launch event, where more than £250,000 ($490,000) was given away in freebies, smacked of a desperate PR "stunt".

Mexican governor orders Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 seizure

The governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua has ordered that all copies of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 be confiscated, due to claims that it negatively portrays the people of the state as violent.

Best Buy to sell Apple TV box

Though it is still hesitant about selling Apple computers and software, Best Buy has announced that it will begin selling the Apple TV later this week.

PlayStation3 surpass PCs in Folding@Home computations

The recent release of the Folding@Home plug-in for PlayStation 3 game consoles has gotten off to a very successful start.

Analyst opinion: Can Apple TV get the digital living room off the ground?

Apple launched its much anticipated Apple TV this week and, while the iPhone stole the set top box' thunder during its initial presentation, it has more potential than the fancy multimedia phone, says industry analyst Rob Enderle. Time to look at the digital living room again - and the product options you may have by the end of this year.