Cease and desist letters backfire horribly against MPAA/AACS

Lawyers for a high-definition video licensing authority have opened up a Pandora’s box of Internet fury after serving several websites with cease and desist letters in an attempt to block the spread of an encryption key.

New Pokemon games unlock DS potential

Along with the cookie cutter formula that has graced the Pokemon RPG series since 1998, the latest installment for the DS taps into uses for the system that are entirely new. We had a first look at the games. Extra: Slideshow

Americans spend billions on gadgets

Americans are continuing their gadget spending binge, according to a new survey by the Consumer Electronics Association.

HD DVD experiences playback problems on Xbox 360

A new HD DVD designed to help calibrate HDTVs has hit a problem with the Xbox 360, apparently because the disc manufacturer failed to test it extensively on non-Toshiba players.

Zune gets South African tunes

Microsoft is expanding the world music collection for its Zune Marketplace. South Africa’s Gallo Music Group is selling fifty albums dating back as far as the 1930s of South African music for Microsoft’s Zune portable music players.

Sony reveals digital camera for the PSP

Sony announced details today about its first-party digital camera for the portable PSP system.

Sony apologizes for dead goat exhibit

Some people think Sony’s dead goat head exhibit at a recent press event in Athens may have gone too far.

Centipede and Millipede to hit Xbox Live

A pair of multi-footed bug games highlight this week's addition to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Xbox 360’s GPU may go 65nm

The folks over at Digitimes claim the Xbox 360 may go to a 65 nanometer process next month.

Brain waves could power future games

Future games could be powered by our thoughts according to a NeuroSky, a biofeedback manufacturing company.

Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65nm in fall

Nintendo boss says 45 Wii games headed this summer

At a press conference in Tokyo, Nintendo worldwide president Satoru Iwata said that an additional 45 Wii games currently in production will be available for consumers during the second quarter of 2007.

Xbox 360 Elite now available

The third tier version of Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console went on sale in North American stores yesterday.

Gaming kid saves family from house fire

9-year-old Davien Hayden wakes up early every morning to play video games and that habit probably saved his family from a fast moving house fire.

Congress tries to save Internet Radio

Two congressman are working hard to cut Internet radio royalties with a new bill.

New Xbox 360 debuts Sunday

Microsoft’s new version of its Xbox 360 will hit retail stores this Sunday.

Nintendo promises to step up Wii production to meet demand

Just a day after announcing bumper profits, Nintendo is promising that it will “do better” to step up production of the Wii and meet the large consumer demand for the console.

Nintendo acquires developer Monolith

Nintendo has acquired Monolith Soft, the name behind the epic RPG series Xenosaga.

Mattel turns Barbie into an MP3 player and online avatar

Mattel is seeking to turn around flagging sales by bringing Barbie into the 21st Century as an MP3 player and online community avatar all rolled into one.

Pokemon DS games hit one million in five days

The DS debut of the Pokemon RPG franchise has crossed the milestone of one million copies sold in five days, faster than any previous entrant in the series.