Microsoft covers up Halo 2 nudity with patch

Microsoft has released a patch that will cover up some partial nudity that was discovered in copies of Halo 2.

Xbox Live Arcade's Geometry Wars slated for Wii, DS

Geometry Wars, a game designed exclusively for the Xbox 360's online distribution platform, is making its way to Nintendo on both the Wii and DS.

The Sims to head to the silver screen

Electronic Arts's life simulation game is the latest video game to be slated for a theatrical movie, thanks to a new partnership with 20th Century Fox.

Rayman Raving Rabbids sequel to go exclusively to Nintendo

Rayman Raving Rabbids appeared on just about every platform imagineable, but a recently announced sequel will just be heading to the Wii and DS.

One Laptop Per Child group working on video games

The organization that wants to give a laptop to every child in impoverished nations now also wants to give them free video games.

Jack Thompson goes after Halo 3

Anti-violent gaming activist Jack Thompson is now going after Microsoft’s upcoming alien killing Halo 3.

Sony details new PS3 firmware update

Playstation 3 users will soon be able to watch DVDs upscaled to 1080p and access their console from anywhere in the world with an Internet-connected PSP.

Nintendo sets lifetime Wii sales of 35 million in NA

Nintendo hopes to sell 35 million Wii consoles in North America, and says it can achieve the goal by 2011.

Sanyo floats out new waterproof camcorder

Sanyo has announced a new addition to its Xacti line of camcorders, featuring rugged water resistance just in time for beach season.

Casio intros first 12.1 megapixel Exilim camera

Tokyo (Japan) - Casio has unveiled the EX-Z1200 Exilim camera, the first from the company's line of digital cameras to reach the 12-megapixel threshold. Casio's announcement comes just one day after Panasonic debuted a new digital camera with a resolution of over a dozen megapixels, the 12.2 MP Lumix DMC-FX100.

Rockstar to offer “Special Edition” of Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV, scheduled for an October 16 release, will be offered as a regular video game as well as, for some extra cash, as a “Special Edition” in a “customized metal safety box.”

Panasonic unveils wide-angle HD digital compact camera

Panasonic today announced a new compact digital camera capable of shooting pictures with a resolution of up to 12.2 megapixels and 720p high definition videos.

Massive outage hits XM Radio

XM Radio is experiencing massive outages after one of its satellites was disabled.  The company says satellite number 1 is down for “performance” reasons and the company is currently performing a “software update”.

Electronic Arts invests $167 million into The9

Electronic Arts is investing $167 million into The9, a mainland China-based game company.

Tivo Series 3 gets $200 rebate

The mail-in rebate program that has helped TiVo gain widespread adoption is finally heading to the Series 3 high definition TiVo.

80 GB Playstation 3 on the way

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc has announced that it is working on a new PS3 model with an 80 GB hard drive.

Blizzard announces Starcraft II

Blizzard is working on a sequel to the 1998 classic Starcraft. It says it will pour as much time and money as possible to make it a worthwhile game.

Analyst opinion: Shrek 3 and the magic of tomorrow

There is nothing like a studio preview of a new movie.  I grew up near Hollywood and actually thought once about becoming an actor.  Things didn’t work out that way but, for me, this is still one of many roads not traveled. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I found myself over at DreamWorks last Thursday.  The purpose wasn’t to see the movie, the very entertaining Shrek 3, but to be briefed on the massive and very successful partnership between three players behind it.  

Vivendi game revenues surge 117%

Vivendi has reported sharply higher revenues thanks to strong sales of the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion pack.

Midway working on first Blu-ray movie/PS3 game combo disc

The PS3 version of the multi-platform title Stranglehold will come with something extra on it - a full-length feature film in high definition.