New AACS key is found

The hackers over at the Doom 9 forums have once again conquered AACS by discovering the updated decryption key used on new HD DVD and Blu Ray discs.

Apple bans MySpace from stores

Apple has banned MySpace, the popular social networking site, from its retail stores.

Apple begins selling DRM-free music

Apple is now offering DRM-free music through a new iTunes “Plus” store. For a 30% premium over regular, copy-protected music, Apple has become the first major online music distributor to offer some of its content without usage restrictions.

Toshiba working on in-car HD DVD player

With automotive video systems just beginning to reach mass appeal, Toshiba has unveiled a system that plays HD DVD movies from a new in-car player.

NCSoft launches free MMO

MMO hack and slash fans who are tired of paying monthly fees may want to take  a look at Dungeon Runners, a new game from NCSoft.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ships for Wii

A reworked version of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the Wii has shipped today, bringing the classic street fighting game to Nintendo's innovative console.

Producers, actors talk of Vader’s new ‘attack dog’ at Star Wars Celebration IV

Throwing Clone Troopers through walls and bringing down entire buildings is just a few things players will get to do in the upcoming ‘The Force Unleashed’ Star Wars game. Extra: Slideshow

Nintendo making mod-proof Wiis

Nintendo could be sticking it to the mod-chip makers by rolling out new Wii motherboards that are supposedly tamper-proof.  The boards have been neutered of three essential pins that are commonly used in attaching the mod-chips.

Sony announces HD radios

San Diego (CA) – Sony has announced its first two hybrid digital radios – one for the family room and one for the car. Sony is expanding the rather limited choices on today’s HD radio market. The company today announced a table-top radio as well as an in-car audio adapter, which is promised to be compatible with “most Sony car stereos.”

Update: Pirates of the Carribean hauls in $401 million

Walt Disney Studios' Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End has opened the weekend with worldwide revenues of $101.4 million during its first day in theaters, surpassing its predecessor, but trailing Spider-Man 3.

Lego Star Wars coming to Wii and PS3

Fans of the Lego Star Wars games can rejoice because the games are now being ported over to the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3.

OLED televisions will take a while to hit mainstream

According to Information Week, OLED television sets will take several years to reach one million units in sales.

Microsoft covers up Halo 2 nudity with patch

Microsoft has released a patch that will cover up some partial nudity that was discovered in copies of Halo 2.

Xbox Live Arcade's Geometry Wars slated for Wii, DS

Geometry Wars, a game designed exclusively for the Xbox 360's online distribution platform, is making its way to Nintendo on both the Wii and DS.

The Sims to head to the silver screen

Electronic Arts's life simulation game is the latest video game to be slated for a theatrical movie, thanks to a new partnership with 20th Century Fox.

Rayman Raving Rabbids sequel to go exclusively to Nintendo

Rayman Raving Rabbids appeared on just about every platform imagineable, but a recently announced sequel will just be heading to the Wii and DS.

One Laptop Per Child group working on video games

The organization that wants to give a laptop to every child in impoverished nations now also wants to give them free video games.

Jack Thompson goes after Halo 3

Anti-violent gaming activist Jack Thompson is now going after Microsoft’s upcoming alien killing Halo 3.

Sony details new PS3 firmware update

Playstation 3 users will soon be able to watch DVDs upscaled to 1080p and access their console from anywhere in the world with an Internet-connected PSP.

Nintendo sets lifetime Wii sales of 35 million in NA

Nintendo hopes to sell 35 million Wii consoles in North America, and says it can achieve the goal by 2011.