Apple in talks to launch film rental service: report

Sonic 2 speeds to Wii Virtual Console

Sega has doled out its second Genesis classic featuring the iconic blue hedgehog, as the headliner for today's slate of new Virtual Console titles.

Toshiba claims top hardware sales in HD format war

Toshiba announced today that hardware sales of HD DVD players have outpaced that of Blu-ray, without counting Playstation 3 consoles.

Microsoft mulls Xbox 360 price cut

Apple may have to hold off NAND flash-based iPod video

Apple not getting rich with Apple TV

There have been rumors about Apple TV not selling too well and now there is indication that the device also has a profit margin that is unusually low for Apple.

Sony adds to TV repertoire with nine new Bravias

Sony has introduced nine new high definition TVs under its elite Bravia LCD line.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary now in stores

Celebrating the 10-year run of the adventure series, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is now available for the PC and Playstation 2.

US PlayStation group cuts around 100 jobs

In its latest reorganization, Sony Computer Entertainment America has laid off nearly 100 employees, demanding they leave the premises immediately upon notice of termination.

NBC to let other web sites link to NBC video

Alienware debuts new high-end entertainment PC

Miami (FL) – Alienware has announced a new entertainment center PC that doesn’t look out of place under your TV. Called the Hangar18, Alienware’s new EPC integrates lots of processing power and storage capacity to take you into the high-definition age. Priced from $2000 for 720p capable units, the Hangar18 sports a stylish design that is reminiscent of typical high-end AV devices and comes with a 250 GB hard drive, an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ processor, 2 GB of memory, 802.11 b/g connectivity and a joystick-like remote.  

AUO unveils 65" full high-definition 120 Hz LCD TV display

EA opens up casual gaming division

Electronic Arts has created EA Casual Entertainment, a new division designed specifically for casual gaming, an area that it has become increasingly interested in over the past few years.

New Pac-Man comes to Xbox Live Arcade

As part of the Xbox Live Arcade's weekly update, a retooled version of Pac-Man has been added to the online store, as a tribute to the retiring founder of the classic arcade game.

PSP online features edge out DS

Opinion - In the past week, new services for both the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP have pumped up their online presence, making it a perfect time to take a second look at the two handhelds' Wi-Fi features. Quite simply, when it comes to additional Web-based services, Sony is the frontrunner.

TomTom lets users fix maps

TomTom today released the TomTom GO 720 to highlight a new feature that lets GPS owners share information on things like closed roads and new construction projects.

Sub-$500 Blu-ray player to hit stores this month

A second generation Blu-ray Disc player will make its way to stores this month as the first to carry a list price of under $500.

ToeJam sequel, Dead Moon join Zelda II in Virtual Console

Today's update for the Wii's Virtual Console bring the second Zelda game, the second ToeJam & Earl game, and two others as the online store reaches 100 titles.

Wii Virtual Console: 100 classics or a missed opportunity?

Opinion - Nintendo today announced that it will break the 100 game milestone on the Wii Virtual Console next week, but the collection is so littered with vintage titles that weren't even worth three bucks the first time around. Is this just an artifically inflated number to attract your attention - without any other value?

Massively multiplayer online dance game reaches 100K users

The first computer game to call itself a "massively multiplayer online dance" title has reached the 100,000 user milestone, according to the game's publisher Nexon.